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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Conquer, nah. Dominate, ehh, no. Takeover, bring it.

Early in the year, a friend told me to check out a band he was working with. Usually I don't think to much of a "CHECK OUT THIS BAND!!!" comment that a friend might throw around...but I knew that he has similar music taste, and wouldn't steer me towards something completely crappy. Well, needless to say, what I found, KICKED ASS. Meet the Takeover. (NOTE- This video is not to be shared, its for Planet Verge ONLY...)

Here's a little sneak peak at my article/interview with the guys...

THE TAKEOVER…Are YOU Ready? ‘Cause, this one will take you by surprise.
For Planet Verge
By Amanda Tumulty

“Stop being plain and like everybody else, try and do something different, do something else. Go against the fucking flow.”

It’s a rarity that you find a talented, charismatic yet reserved, fun group of guys that can plain and simply…ROCK. Meet the Takeover from Philadelphia, PA, and made up of 5 of the most talented, driven guys the local music scene has seen in years. There’s Patrick (vocals), Eric (guitars), Jared (beatin’ the drums), Kris (analogs), and Jesse (digitals). It’s not everyday that you find a band that is able to make you move and you don’t even know it, with their hypnotizing sound, you can’t help but dance. I had a chance to talk to the guys after their Club Deep performance in late December, I got a look at what they need to have in the van, what makes them rock, and the struggles that make them rock as hard as they do today.

“Let it go, Dance it up.”

Between the sick synth beats and wailing guitar, the Takeover is a welcome change from the typical and usual “pop-punk” sound. The Takeover’s before show rituals may be somewhat strange, but as it was explained to me, “healthy bathroom habits are essential.” The band makes claim that they are inspired from all kinds of genres and artists, when asked the “stranded on an island with a cd, which one would it be?” question, I heard everything from Bruce Springsteen’s Greatest Hits to any box sets, to good ol’ mixed cd’s, and guitarist Eric manages to slide in that he would have to take Radiohead....

check out for the FULL article coming soon...

* Amanda (thanks steve)

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