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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Somebody Call 911!!!

Former Baywatch star, Jeremy Jackson must have suffered brain damage while filming scenes in the ocean for all those years. It has apparently effected his ability to create good music.

Back in the day, I'll admit, I had a major crush on his character, Hobie. The episode with the music video, oh he was so dreamy.

Now, all that fake tanning really did something to him--he thinks he's black! Listen to the new song on his MySpace page. He raps about getting drunk and coked up. I think he should take his own advice and "pack it up."

Dude, the guy is so California gudio it's gross. But I did enjoy the expose Vanity Fair did on him a while back.
And he is still hot, but I like laughing at him better than looking at him.

*Joelle, who has seen every episode of Baywatch from DAY ONE!

1 comment:

Jess said...

Holy shit, this dude's alive?
Why do his pictures look like they came from an A-Ha video cutting room floor?