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Sunday, January 14, 2007

oy vey

i just did a search for lostprophets on google and photos i took come up, which is cool. BUT they are from the early days of planet verge, when i did not put photo credit on the pictures. so therefore, all our pictures are all over the place, and we get no credit. and that makes me sad cause we work soooo hard on everything. that's a big reason why i took down the photo gallery on now all our pictures are small and have photo credit on them. which is both good and bad. oh well. here's to our popular pictures. cheers!



Jess said...

Whenever I go see Nick and the boys, I see girls with pictures Jessie took of him at Warped tour ironed on their shirts! SO weird.

Planet Verge said...

omg that is weird... we should be making money off that merch! lol