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Sunday, January 14, 2007

my beef with the stone pony

The Stone Pony is probably the most famous little rock club on the Jersey shore. So much in fact, that major label bands make stops on their tour there. And with that comes press. Photographers. IE--- professional (or some who think they are) picture takers who are getting paid (if they're lucky) for their work. People who are not the slutty fans in the front row with cameras and stalking the band outside afterwords asking them to sign their tits.

Usually, venues have a designated photo area in front of the stage set aside for the photo pass privileged so they can work and not have to battle fans getting in the way. Not the Stone Pony. Not only do they never seem to set up barriers, they never even have physical photo passes to give press.

This caused a problem for me when I went to shoot Eighteen Visions and Lostprophets a few months ago there. But luckily, 18 V's crew totally accomidated me and both bands pretty much let me shoot as much as I wanted (not the standard three songs and you're out rule). We have a mutual love. haha

I wasn't as fortunate when I went to go see Kill Hannah at the Pony this week. The band hit the stage the second I walked in, so I didn't even have time to go to the merch table to track down a tour manager to get escorted to stage. But I shouldn't have to do that anyway and it's a major annoyance. So with no real photo pass, or fuel to argue with security to get let up on the stage, I settled for not being able to take pictures. I did manage to shoot some video footage, though.

This was my first time seeing Kill Hannah and I can't wait to see them again. They had a great stage presence, which was even brought up a notch once the guitars started shooting out green lazer light. It really helped accentuate the atmosphere and accent the music.

Vocalist, Mat Devine, called Asbury Park the most beatiful and depressing city. He then thanked fans for putting on their bullet-proof jackets to come out. At least he made a joke of it. Word is that the Pink Spiders totally dissed NJ, but I was not present at the time of their set to confirm.

So I left the show wanting more Kill Hannah, another chance to take pictures, and their debut CD. Looks like I'll get the first two when they play Starland Ballroom in March, but as for that CD, I'm still on the hunt!

pixy stix and sweedish fish kisses,

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Jess said...

You are too cute. That, and the Stone Pony is in Asbury Park...