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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Silverchair Leave Webster Hall in AWE

"I can't even speak right now." That's what my friend Adam (you all know and love his band PERFUMA, right?) said to me after Silverchair finished their encore at Webster Hall in New York City. This show, like the night before at Bowery Ballroom, sold out in five minutes. Not bad for an Australian band that gets zero promotion in this country and was recently dropped by their record label, eh?

The night included mostly songs off of their last release, Diorama. No complaints- that's my favorite album. Refreshingly, the band premiered about five new songs, including the new single, "Straight Lines." All the new songs are super catchy and have SINGLE written on them. I can't wait to hear the album. Once they self-release it, I'll have my New Zealand friends mail me a copy ASAP. No word on a US release date, of course.

As for the good 'ol grunge days of Silverchair, which I'm sure are the ones most everyone remembers... they played "The Door" and "Freak." I was craving "Isreal's Son," and "My Favorite Thing," but that didn't happen. Not that anything was missing from the show. It was perfect. Every note, each vocal breath. And form, well Daniel Johns is looking healthy, totally recovered from anorexia, and has a built bod, which he proved by playing the encore shirtless.

Oh what a night! Let's just hope I don't have to wait another seven years to see them!


The Lever

Ana's Song

Without You

PS--sorry if you hear some annoying girl behind me singing!

Joelle, who battled a near blizzard to go to this show.


Jessica said...

I wish I was there. Holy crap.
I can't believe he was topless.
I think I might've died.

The Dave said...

My friend John and I drove up from Delaware for the show at Webster Hall yesterday! It was spectacular. I was very impressed how much Daniel, Ben and Chris have matured in just the past few years since Diorama. The set was all-pro. I was happy to hear some of the new songs and I think by far my favorite was the one they played to open the encore.

It was too bad that they didn't play ANY of the softer songs that they usually do (Luv Your Life, After All These Years, Asylum, Miss You Love...) but I just felt like they were in more of a mood to rock.

John and I were at the show on May 20, 2003 at the Bowery Ballroom, on their brief US tour in support of Diorama. Somehow we ended up front and center stage. It was one of the best shows i have EVER been to and i got some great pics which you can see a few of on my blog.

I have to say though that I'm glad they didn't play anything from Frogstomp and I wish they would just cut The Door and Freak out of their set. Its time to move on. It makes me actually kind of mad when i feel like the crowd responds better to Freak than they do to Emotion Sickness or anything from Diorama (The Lever was AMAZING last night).

So anyway, great show indeed. Well worth driving the entire stretch of the NJ turnpike in freezing rain and ice at 2am.


Gretchen Hargrove said...

i agree the show was missing nothing but i seriously think i would have broke out in tears if they had played black tangled heart.. i kept wishing but it never came sadly. i was so impressed with the turn out.. and how much of a stage presence
they have. I waited 9 years for last night ... i had to give up one of my jobs to do so.. and it was totally worth it. I cant wait for the new album. PS: the sound to your video is a little off.

The Dave said...

Meant to say Petrol & Chlorine not Luv Your Life. Sorry.

Sarah Dee said...

Last night's show was amazing!