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Thursday, July 12, 2007

coming at u from the wrong side of day.

Being a completely nocturnal person at the moment, I'm typing this at 2am UK time whilst working on finishing illustrations for a learning game. I have also never posted on here so i best introduce myself, I'm Gina. No stranger to this planet verge business I have been somewhat absent from it for a while. So why am i writing? To rant and rave and share my thoughts like the other girls do. and hell I'm starting with this.

The live earth concerts.
The live earth concert in the uk (held at webly areana) was staged a week after the Diana tribute concert and was at the same venue, with similar artists. Not only was i comfused as to which highlights from which concert i was watching on TV, it really ruined the 'specialniss' (its not a real word, i know) of the Diana tribute. This is a sidenote to what I want to rant about however.

HOW ON EARTH DOES 7 OR 8 CONCERTS WORLDWIDE DO ANYTHING TO HELP THE STATE OF THE EARTH?! The concert is live earth, it aims to raise awareness of climate control throughout the world through music. I do not understand how using as much lighting, energy and resources as it did to host 8 worldwide concerts really helps to control the energy levels. How does hosting these huge concerts really contribute to helping the matter? Can music really bring people together to take action against an issue like this? Concerts to 'raise awareness' of matters really are the biggest gimic in the book. Any excuse for a charity or company to gather together some huge names getting paid rediculious ammounts so they can get some TV air time does not constitute to helping solve a problem. Now the concert is over, the television coverage in the UK to promote the cause has plummeted right back down to minimal again and the issue has now been swept under the carpet and in its place is 'the next big thing' we have to throw a concert and a party about to try and 'resolve'. For every person i have asked who watched it, not one of them have responded with 'that was a good concert, what are your views on the climate change?' or 'what a good way to raise awareness' , they have simply spoke of the bands who played or something along the lines of the pussycat dolls wearing next to nothing on stage. How that helps solve the situation i DON'T KNOW!.

So the next time some charity wants to raise awareness of a situation, think outside the box and don't put on a concert, you're raising nothing but the profiles of the people who play it, not the issue you wish to promote.

On a totaly different note, if you are hitting warped tour this year please PLEASE go and see BIFFY CLYRO. I have to fly the patriotic scottish flag here, and yes i am probably very biased but whether they came from Ayr, scotland or the middle of nowhere, they are one of my favourite bands ever. Their new album 'puzzle' hit number 2 in the UK charts but if it all sounds a bit too generic rock for you, look into older LP's such as 'Blackened Sky' and 'The vertigo of bliss'. Hit up Itunes and download '27', '57', 'justboy' 'glitter and trauma' and/or 'Saturday superhouse' to get a taster. their dates are as follows...

28 Jul 2007 12:00
First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre Chicago, Illinois
29 Jul 2007 12:00
Metrodome Minneapolis, Minnesota
31 Jul 2007 12:00
Marcus Amphitheatre Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1 Aug 2007 12:00
Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, Ohio
3 Aug 2007 12:00
Tweeter Center at the Waterfront Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4 Aug 2007 12:00
Nassau Coliseum New York City, New York
5 Aug 2007 12:00
Raceway Park Englishtown, New Jersey
7 Aug 2007 12:00
Verizon Wireless Center Indianapolis, Indiana
8 Aug 2007 12:00
Post Gazette Pavilion Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
9 Aug 2007 12:00
Tweeter Center Boston, Massachusetts
10 Aug 2007 12:00
Darien Lakes Field Buffalo, New York
11 Aug 2007 12:00
Park Place Toronto, Ontario
12 Aug 2007 12:00
Parc Jean-Drapeau Montreal, Quebec
14 Aug 2007 12:00
UMB Bank Pavilion St Louis, Missouri
15 Aug 2007 12:00
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Kansas City, Kansas

Other UK bands to get on your myspace whilst I'm at it:

Tellison, from London. With their astounding album contact! contact!
and also
Hell is for heroes - this band have been on the UK circuit for years, yet when i recently went to london to see them at one very small Barfly venue, they as always, tore the place apart with both new and old material. Best songs to download, 'I can climb mountains' and 'you drove me to it'

That's all for now, must crash, More UK bands and useless banter to be added soon!

Gina xo

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Planet Verge said...

welcome back! we missed you! and i deff. didn't think about live earth like that. you brought some very good points up. someone should listen to you. :)