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Sunday, July 01, 2007

free neon love

if you've ever fantasized about a five-headed david bowie in gold spandex getting moognasty, your wildest dreams have come true. ever heard of apes and androids? they'll be your new guilty pleasure. the guilty part? well, because they are your standard brooklyn hipster -we play schminstruments and look like the baumer in space drag- organization. the pleasure? their sound is not so standard and their live performance is visual LSD. i had the chance to check them out at the wellsville creative arts center friday night and, let me tell you, it was quite the experience. the denim squeezed the cellulite, the neon bracelets were free and this little western new york village was transformed into a technicolor sonic boomtown. even some local talents got in on some of the action. calvin rocchio organized the show and played some killer hand percussion. calvin is quite a terror on the drumset and has played in a few popular local bands. he's also quite renowned for his photography and impeccable wardrobe. closing the show, the ever-talented and sexy phoebe oglesbee ( screamed out a killer rendition of aerosmith's dream on. phoebe has been collaborating with apes and androids for a long time. apes back her tracks and morgan, the keyboard player, produces all of her stuff.

it has become quite apparent that they create a major scene wherever they haunt. from sxsw to some of the best venues in nyc (they hail from brooklyn) to teeny cafes in the hills of western new york, these five glamournauts bring the rave. check out their myspace ( and see and listen for yourself. you'll love it or hate it. even if you do hate it, you'll at least be able to add a scratch or two to your "most retarded..." bedpost.

word on the street is that there is some footage from the wellsville show getting uploaded onto vimeo as we speak. for now, here is a video of apes and androids playing the Four Eyed Monsters DVD release party:

on the way home from the show my pal senneca threw in some matt & kim. i'd heard of them a little while ago and wanted to punch them and say 'jack and meg don't do coattails so don't try riding them.' i gave ol' matt & kim a second listen, though, and i decided that they're actually alright. perfect to hum to while brushing your teeth... or any other activity that doesn't require much brain power.

so there's the weekend in review. your homework: check out apes and androids and phoebe oglesbee. and brush your teeth... not just to make matt & kim's existence less annoying but because it's good for you.

*posted by Britt, who is grateful she survived the great purge of '07 and vowing to post more and poop out less (as in sleep. c'mon now...).


Planet Verge said...

wow, you weren't kidding when you said you went to a really weird show! lol


Brian said...

Just to let you know, I uploaded that video to Vimeo.

you can also check out my review of the show at Studio B on my website


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