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Thursday, July 05, 2007


i went to sephora yesterday. y'all know what that means... planetverge beauty rant!

here it is, ladies. favourite new items:

-stella mccartney eau de parfum roll-ons:

this is by far one of the best things i've bought in a while. it's summer and we ladies have places to be and people to see. with stella mccartney's eau de parfum roll-on, you can just throw the .33 oz bottle in your purse or clutch and jetset anywhere. you will leave a legacy of gorgeous air wherever you go. the fact that they are only $13 is pretty swell. they are sold exclusively at sephora... hop on and get one or buy a set of four for $35.

runner up is rosebud salve:

i use rosebud salve on my lips and my cuticles. with just a hint of red, it makes your lips look full and healthy. apply to your lips with your fingers and then rub the excess into your cuticles. you can also use it on your elbows, knees and heels... or anywhere that you desire a sleek, healthy glow. where else can you get flawless skin and a manicure for $6? keep it in your pocket or your purse for on-the-go glossing.

lastly... bare escentuals get started eye kit:

this set is so universal. it comes with 3 neutral colors and a liner shadow that compliment all shades of eyecolor. it also provides you with all the brushes you need to achieve that perfect doe-eyed look. it's $49 but it's worth every pretty penny. locking gazes across a crowded room, a candle-lit table or a campfire will become a snap. get this kit and all eyes will be on you.

*posted by Britt, whose wrists have become permanently attached to her nose. thanks, stella.

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Planet Verge said...

the eye kit! now you'll have to teach me how to use it! lol