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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jessica's Got Her Gun Out

Just because I don't drink (for personal reasons I don't care to discuss in a public forum) doesn't mean I necessarily have a problem with other people consuming alcohol. Frankly, what others do isn't my business, nor is it my concern.

However, when you go to a show smashed out of your gourd, it becomes a problem.

Last night I went to see Rediscover at the Internet Cafe in Red Bank. Opening for them were Upper Clash Trash and Time and Distance. One of the guys in Time and Distance brought his girlfriend with him to the show. She was a cute, petite blonde, and she was polite to me when squeezing past to use the ladies' room--which, I should point out, is really inconveniently placed behind and slightly to the left of where the bands play (there's no actual stage, they're on the floor), so there's lots of amps, equipment, and musicians in the way when one has to tinkle--so I decided that I liked her and that she was a nice girl.

One of the three drunk girls--one in a green dress with a habit of sitting with her legs wide open and trying (and failing) to dance seductively with her chubby blonde friend whose bra kept coming out of her shirt--tried to kiss this particular member of Time and Distance while his girlfriend was right next to him. When he pushed her away, she became belligerent.

This all went down while I was dancing to Rediscover's killer set, and it partially interrupted it. When the girls began to argue, a big part of the crowd that was in their area moved with them towards the exit, leading frontman Wes to throw his mic down mid-song and chase them to see what was going on. When he and the drunk girl in green returned, he asked the crowd what happened. A girl who looked no more than about twelve years old yelled, "You have to be a slut to try making out with a guy when his girlfriend's right next to him!" The drunk girl in the dress began a slurred soliloquy about how it was "totally, like an accident, seriously guys." The crowd responded with a chant of "GET OUT, SLUT," leading to the ceremonious exit of the Trashed Trio, partially orchestrated by Wes himself, who called her actions "fucked up" and "nuts."

Best of all, those class acts were all captured on video by members of the bands who were clearly influenced as much by Joe Francis as they were by MxPx.

Despite the drunken distractions, Rediscover played an amazing set considering the sound system left a bit to be desired and that most keyboard-based bands aren't great live. Rediscover are an enormous exception to this rule.

And on top of it all? Wes smells really, really good.

Bravo, fellas.

*By Jess, who got serenaded with her friends Ella and Etta. If you don't understand the reference, that's the point.

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Audio Crush said...

haha omg that is great. dumb drunk slut. good thing i wasn't there cause you know my past of telling off and throwing out drunk whores. lol