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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Five Reasons Why Paolo Nutini Would Be The Perfect Boyfriend

Foremost and first, he has a song called "New Shoes," so he'd understand my fetish for them and wouldn't roll his eyes at my excitement for yet another pair of gogo boots, Chucks, or some other fun footwear.

Second, he could sing me to sleep. "Last Request," though it makes me misty occasionally, is just very relaxing to hear.

Third, he can easily be--and has been--likened to Al Green.

Fourth, he's from Scotland with an Italian name, so not only does he have an adorable accent, but my mother would just die.

Fifth--Jesus Christ, he looks like this.

Paolo, I will show you my prowess any time you damn well please. Just come to the US, because I don't have a passport, and no amount of eyelash batting can get me around that.

*By Jess, who got a rack today (for her shoes).

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