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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Replacements

Today, Hit The Lights frontman, Colin, announced his departure. Turns out the touring life is just not for him. It's sad but understandable. I'd never want to live life on the road and never have a homebase, time for love, or puppy kisses greeting me at my front door every night, either.

A similar announcement came about a month ago from NYC-based band, Fixer, when their usually shirtless guitarist, Wilson Lihn left for the same reason. That was a huge shock to me, because I worked with the band for years and Wilson was one of the members who besides frontman, Evan Saffer, handled a lot of the business aspects of the band. I guess everything eventually took it's toll. And as time goes on, sometimes reality sets in and it's time to settle down and appreciate the less hectic side of life. Like a wife and family, perhaps.

It always takes a bit getting used to a new band member. Most of the time, I don't like the replacements. But then, look at The Finals. Their new singer really improves the band. I was never too much of a fan of their original singer Matt's voice and can't wait to hear the new recordings. The live show already rocks.

The only thing that hurts in the process is having the old songs up promoting the band when a singer leaves. The Finals are dealing with this and now Hit The Lights will, too.

When Tucker (bass) and Sprout (guitar) left The Pennyroyals, I pretty much decided that band is over and their name should be changed. After all, once the founding member and most recognizable faces from the band are gone, it's a totally different band. Mike (vocals) was pretty new to band at the time and I think it would have done them well to change their name. I'm sure they wanted to hold onto the acclaim and fan base, but none of it holds true because everyone who worked hard for it is pretty much finito.

Fixer's new guitar player doesn't have Wilson's looks or shirtless appeal that all the ladies loved. But maybe he adds a new dimension to the band and should be checked out.

I can't say I'll still love Hit the Lights. Sure, Omar and his 'fro are awesome. But, if Colin wrote most of the songs, then the remaining members have a lot to work on to keep things going. However, I'm looking forward to see who steps up to the mic.


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