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Thursday, June 07, 2007

They Aren't So Invisible Anymore....

It's not everyday that you are afforded the opportunity to learn about a truly life changing documentary that does not show case the horros of skateboarding injuries or the effect a good solid tour has on one's liver...

The 2007 Honda Civic Tour (feat. Fall Out Boy, +44, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship, and Paul Wall) signed on a bunch of "roadies" to promote this "life-umentary" at the venues being played to help spread the word and educate the general population of teenies attending...I was lucky enough to find these roadies. Being an avid reader of basically all public accessable documents published on modern conflicts, I was aware of the civil unrest in the African nation of Uganda. This documentary is called Invisible Children and it captures the up close and personal experience of three guys who really didn't know anything but discovered everything...everything from the lords to the rebels to the childrens'involvement in internal militant ventures to the massive displacement of people. Living on hardly anything each day, they work and they fight to survive not only the harsh weather, but the harsh world they live in. There is certainly an unexplainable sense of emotional tormoil, you get to witness it all in their story...its just incredible.

The reality of this horror is crippling and the world is in vital need of awareness.

Help me spread the word.
Help us change the world.

*By Amanda whose life was changed by two guys under a tent who had a passion, and a message...worth hearing. Thank you.

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