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Thursday, June 14, 2007

More on the musical act that makes Jay-Z bob his head

Remember a little bit ago when I introduced y'all to PlayRadioPlay?

Since then, I got to talk to him on the phone (while baking biscuits, no less!), and now I just love him even more. And don't be fooled by his Texan roots--he's not an idiot (like one really famous, powerful person from that state, or my older brother--hi Steve!), nor does he have a really strong accent. However, they say everything is bigger in Texas--and if they're talking about potential for greatness in powerpop, by God, they finally got something right with Dan.

Tell us a bit about your newest EP, The Frequency.
Ah, The Frequency--it's six songs; they're demos I recorded by myself at my house over a year. Half of it is very electronic-y--is that a word?--and half's a lil' mellow but dancy. I'm actually working on a full length that should be out in January.

Oh, neat! Wanna dish a little about that?
We might redo one or two songs from The Frequency EP, but things are going well in studio, so now maybe we won't. And I'm recording with producers! So it's gonna be a lil'–-still really electronic, but a lil' bit more full band interaction, too.

Do you prefer working with a full band, or do you like to be on your own to have more control over your sound?
You know, I'm excited for the chance to do a full album on my own, but I'm definitely not in a place yet where I can make a full album by myself. I'm working with Garrett Lee and Dr. Luke--and we're all from such diff backgrounds, with different musical experiences... I'm just taking it all in right now, and I'm really learning a lot. But, I would like to do one on my own in future.

One of your marketing points is "straight edge Texas softcore." Do you listen to any hardcore bands at all?
Hmmm, I dunno'. I listen to metal, but I'm not a connoisseur. I do like harder stuff definitely, but I'm not the best versed person. I will never be an encyclopedia of metal bands.

You're straight edge after a pretty tough battle with substances. Is it hard for you on the road, like if you're playing with other acts that don't share that quality?
Ah, straight edge--I started being straight edge right out of rehab. It was really difficult at first, but now it's really just not an issue.

What could we find if we invaded your iPod right now?
Muse, Arcade Fire—-I actually just saw them live last night at the Amphitheater in LA, and man, it was quite an experience!—Sigur Ros too. And my all time favorite, the Smashing Pumpkins.

You must be excited for their new material.

Ohhh yeah, definitely. The new album will be awesome, I'm sure.

You just played Bamboozle, which is pretty huge. Do you prefer big crowds or smaller, more intimate shows?
Oh boy, the bigger the better! But I definitely like small shows where everyone knows the words. Bamboozle was unreal--it was such great experience, and I really liked it a lot, but I definitely do like more intimate shows too.

You've accomplished all this before you even graduated high school. Are you gonna don the cap and gown with your class?
I finished school two months ago with online courses. The ceremony is next week, but I'm not really excited…

As a rehab veteran, what do you think of Lindsay and Britney? You think they'll make it?

Ha, I'm not sure, but you know what? Any press is good press, so rehab press is good press.

And naturally, I have to ask. What was it like meeting Hova?

Jay-Z works at Def Jam, which is a part of Island, and I played for everyone there, and he was there, and he was bobbing his head discreetly in back room while I played. And we had an awkward handshake and an extremely awkward picture taken.

*By Jess, whose biscuits are better than Red Lobster's (are you paying attention, Joelle?)

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