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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ads that must have been written by preppies....

When you come across the new issue of OK Magazine, be sure to flip to page 82. There's a really convincing ad for tattoo removal that features a bride with a hideous ink outline on her back. "Tina," the incredibly believable newlywed (and I say that sarcastically) claims that her tattoo led to her divorce. Well, it caused the fight between Tina and her in-laws on her Big Day, and then the ugly fading of her wedded bliss. And now that Tina is about to embark down the aisle a second time, she MUST use the in-home tattoo fade system, WreckingBalm, to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again.

I'd like to meet the marketing people at this company. They can hire me to teach them reality.

First of all, that is the most unconvincing advertisement ever.

Second, they actually show a before and after picture and note that the level of fading they obviously photoshoped to perfection is "not typical."

If I were a bride-to-be (which I am), with many visible tattoos (which I do have) and wanted to cover them up for my wedding day (which I will NOT be doing), I wouldn't even fall for this product.

Can't they just be simple and say "Got a tattoo and changed your mind? You need WreckingBalm." Or something along those lines. That would be much more effective and intriguing then composing a story so unbelievable it's not even worth going to the Web site to investigate (although I did-but only to see if they had the ad to post up there for you).

The slogan for this "Tattoo Problem #7" is "Let them see you, not your tattoo."

What many completey clean skinned folks don't understand is that those of us who PROUDLY wear ink consider to be a part of us. I'm so used to my fore-arm tattoo that I don't even notice it anymore. It's just my arm. I'll admit that I totally freaked out actually seeing such a huge piece of art on me at first and woke up the next morning wishing it was just a dream. But I love it, just as I had calculated for a year before I got it done. It was just an adjustment, not a mistake.

Yes, mistake. That's another word the super-cool staff at WreckingBalm use to describe tattoos. "Go ahead and get another tattoo-Your mistake is only skin deep," it reads.

Are you all laughing with me now? Do you all suffer through hours of pain from a needle digging into your skin by mistake?

Let's just pretend this ad was meant for those tramp-stamp wearing little misses who think their bugs bunny tattoo makes them sexy and call it a day.

*Joelle, who is highly agrivated by everyone close to her that asks her if she plans on covering up her tattoos for her wedding because obviously they don't know her at all!

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