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Wednesday, November 21, 2007



I will be honest, I have in fact been putting off writing this article. I have been putting it off until this point because what is the point in writing about the fully bloomed flower until its ACTUALLY a flower? There is no point, you wouldn't.

You really wanna read this article. Trust me.

My freshman year in high school (which feels like 2847305209 years ago) I met a boy named Jay. We became great friends, and he showed me things about the music world that I would have never ever been exposed to if it weren't for him. Boys and girls, you have him to thank for this whole music journalism thing... Thanks Jay. Anyways, as time went on our friendship faded in and out, but during that time (about 2 years ago) Jay put together a band and they named it Chaosis. It is with all the pride and honor in the world that I now write about them...

Chaosis is made up of Rudy (bass and vocals), Mason (guitar), John (guitar and vocals), and Jay (drums). Since the bands conception they have gone through the expected phases that any band that's starting up would go through, they hit bumps in the road and I'm sure have been about to break up about 67 times. Now, however, they are more solid than a lot of major label bands I know. They play with confidence and practice as if they are performing. Their sound has gone from being a group of gifted musicians to a talented mature sounding band.

Their EP which was self entitled blew me away, not knowing what to expect, I listened to it completely subjectively. They were able to capture and suspend melodic riffs and vocals in moments that would leave your jaw on the floor. Songs such as 'Chaosis' and 'Astronaughty' (a personal fav) truly give you a feel for the bands' vibe and sentiment. For a bunch of teenagers just looking to stumble upon talent and make a band successful, I think that have done more than that. I would recommend them to anyone.

Chaosis has truly rose from underdog new band to well respected band of musician status. They have played shows at the world famous Stone Pony, The Saint, Chubby's, the Kevin Says! Stage at the 2007 Vans Warped Tour, and numerous other known venues along the eastern seaboard.

For me, Chaosis is more than music; to their fans, they are fun loving and an inspiration for anyone who may want to start a band. Where they are going to end up? If they continue like this, I believe they will be at the top along side their inspirations. Each member brings something to the table, but they all feed off of each others drive and will to be better and to explore new avenues...and my friends, THAT is what separates a band from a successful band.

They are playing their last show of the year on November 24th at the Internet Cafe in Red Bank. You should go, seriously. Go to the show and LISTEN to them. Buy their album and HEAR them.

Thank you. Good luck, my friends.

By Amanda who doesn't know what she would do without her freshman year.


matt said...

hell yeah!

highonfire6 said...

come to boston again, the rush show was awsome