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Thursday, November 15, 2007


It’s such a cliché to start an interview/article off like this, but I truly feel the need…I had the divine opportunity to chat with the guys in the SoCal punk/rock/screamo band LoveHateHero… Really guys, it was amazing. Going into the interview knew two things 1. Their album (which you obviously need to buy if you aren’t rocking out to it already) “White Lies” is above and beyond something you can normally expect from an artist in their genre and 2. They bring the 15 year old girls out screaming. The band is made up of Pierrick(vocals), Paris(bass), Kevin(guitar), and Scott(drums).

After gathering all the guys together we made our way to the freezing cold balcony where the oh-so-adorable (and mighty flirtatious) Paris (bassist) offered me his jacket and our interview…no, journey began. With every interview I find that there is usually a flow to it or the ‘interviewee’ knows when to wrap up their answer and wait for the next question I muster up to be unveiled, however, with these guys we had no such situation…it was free flowing and very conversational. As my questions and their questions were unrolling and evolving, I was discovering more and more about them and my respect for them as artist(s) was growing by the second. They are normal, really cool dudes.

They are a band that can truly say that they have been through it all. After having band members depart, they kept their stuff together and forged on to create what we know have the opportunity to enlighten our ears with, ‘White Lies.’ While they have had their fair share of struggles and a band, however, they claim their biggest embarrassment to this point is…well, Paris. They claim now to be together and have a really solid feeling about the band and the final line-up of members.

LoveHateHero has such a unique sound for their genre. It is hard to describe it unless you hear it for yourself, then you will really understand. While I absolutely love their CD (I would have to say that my favorite song off it is Amity), the live performance that they put on is definitely a strength. Having the talen on an album is one thing, being able to pull it off live is another...and they can do it. Their musically maturity has grown with this album and you can hear the vocal power that their front man Pierrick brings to the group as well as the melodic marriage between each other members’ parts. Pierrick's vocals can bring goosebumps to your skin while the instrumentals send chills down your spine. The pretty intense sounding guitar solo's could definitely go up against those of the best of the best in metal. LoveHateHero is no doubt in my mind a TREMENDOUS live band. Saints and Sinners was a great place for them to showcase that.

I had the opportunity to spend sometime with the guys outside the interview and in a somewhat normal setting. They are fun loving, spontaneous, funny, caring, and daring. Each personality brings a twist to the table. After getting to know them I found that their music really reflects them. All artists say that they put themselves into their music, but sometimes they just say that and they go a head and try and write an album that will sell…not the case here. They don’t hide who they are. Their album is honest, and their performance kicks ass. Go see them.

(in picture:band+crew)

Their future is bright, and they made no mention of slowing down anytime soon. Something that they were sure to drive home was that they genuinely love their fans, they are very active with their own self-promotion and they love to meet the people that listen to them.

By Amanda who misses hanging out with LHH

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Planet Verge said...

I like them. I saw them a few years ago with 18 Visions and The BlacK Maria a few times. Nice to see what they're up to. I gotta give 'em a listen!