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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


If you are reading this article and wondering to yourself (or maybe the person sitting next to you) who the hell is Bang Camaro? Get savvy.

I was fortunate enough to talk to ALL 28472409 members of the ultra unique, ass kicking rockability of Bang Camaro. We sat around a table discussing everything from most embarrassing moment to favorite album of all time to where they would want to play their LAST show ever. Let me just say- shy, they are not. By the end of the interview I had successfully determined that there is a good chance that Bang Camaro could take over the world, then I thought again and realized that they already are the world, next is the universe....hey, they have enough men in the band to do it.

Saints and Sinners brings out the best in the genres of alternative rock, punk rock, a more 'metalish' rock, and screamo. After checking out Bang Camaro's performance, I officially understand why they were there. With all the members playing a vital role in the bands overall sound, they fill your ears with inter genre gymnastics (boys and girls, describing the indescribable is relatively difficult). Playing songs that make you wanna sing along, scream and dance all at once is what makes them so freakin' awesome. Their performance is packed with as much personality as they have when they are off the stage.

When I asked them about embarrassing moments, they had a plethora of stories and to hell was I going to stop them in the middle of one. Between disappearing when you are supposed to be home for dinner, family members think you're a 'missing persons' and nearly getting deported... Where should I start?

This is a band with too many members to mention them all and do them justice, and with all that positive energy and talent, it does not seem like they are going to be fading out of the scene anytime soon. In five years where do they see themselves? Hopefully still doing what they are doing now. Its not just them hoping that. I can see great things for them, and I wish them all the very, very best. Musically they are a trip...for sure. On a personal/interview level, they are a whole vacation.

The charismatic nature of this band made it difficult to keep a straight face, and by the end of the interview, my stomach muscles hurt from laughing so hard. You need to check them out.

By Amanda who is a little upset about her camera.


Anonymous said...

thats great but wheres the actual interview? whatd they actually say to make you laugh so hard?

Amanda said...

there were so many members at the table that when i went back to listen to their interview it was hard to distinguish between them all...and on top of that the background noise from the band on the stage was making it hard to hear word for word. trust me, mr(s). anonymous, if i was able to publish the article WITH the actual interview...i would. but if you aren't a member of the band :) then you should go talk to them at one of their shows, it won't take you long to see their personality and soon you yourself will be laughing...