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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Model for a Day

When my friend sent me a pass-along e-mail from Marie Claire magazine's Shopping Editor, Zoe Glassner, seeking 101 "real women" to model 101 holiday dresses, I replied for the hell of it. I didn't give it a second thought until they contacted me to actually take part in it!

So I burried my fear of having a group of people staring at me (I'm shockingly shy at times) and went. I had to arrive at the shoot with NO MAKEUP, which meant venturing to NYC behind big sunglasses. I've never left the house less than perfect for something where I'm going to interact with people. So it was a big deal. My friend warned me they might take a "before" picture, which thankfully they didn't.

Also lucky for me was that the photographer directed me exactly what to do so I didn't have to do any dance crap up there. I seriously freaked a bit when I saw girls having to do that but I got a prop to sit on! And I didn't have to wear a dress from the GAP, which was the original plan they had. I actually got to play up a goth look (and had to have make-up redone cause it was "too goth" originally).

It was fun to get hair and make-up done for a day and be the one infront of the camera for once. Pick up the Dec. issue with Nicole Kidman on the cover. Or check out this picture I stole off the Web.

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Joelle, you are so ridiculously pretty.