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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Troy Akers: Musical Gold in the ♥ of Nashville

This past Tuesday I went to the small, local venue/eatery Christopher's Pizza. A place known for its intimate setting for small bands and acoustic performances (I hear the pizza's not bad, too). The room was filled with Belmont University students. The man they came to see was Troy Akers, a fellow Belmont student, Starbucks employee, and singer/songwriter. Hmm...sound like anyone you know? The struggling music student employed by a coffee shop?

As Akers approached the stage, I couldn't help but notice his small frame, tall hair, big boots, tight jeans, and a fashionable vest. He is all that is known as "the Nashville scene," and no, I don't mean that as a compliment. I sat there hoping his music had more originality than his apparel. Although, I must say original music seems difficult to accomplish in a town full of posers and indie rock (not to mention cliche country songs and John Mayer followers galore).

Akers quickly sits behind a keyboard and 2 violinists join him on stage. Already, I'm impressed. Perhaps he is different from the usual young, good-looking guy and his acoustic guitar. In fact, there's no guitars at all. Akers introduces the show with an introduction, really. He sings a welcoming tune and I can't figure out if he's kidding or serious, so I refrain from giggling too loudly.

As his set goes on, I can't help but smile as I feel I'm one of the firsts to experience this musical gold. He is by far one of the best local performers I've seen to date. I also can't help but smile as I notice Akers dimples form with each note he intensely sings.

To sum up Troy Akers show: beautiful vocals, intelligent lyrics, and talent bursting from the stage and pouring into the audiences ears. This is why I go to shows, this is why I write reviews, this is why I'm still around the music industry. Simply put...raw talent!

For more information on Troy Akers, visit his solo Myspace at:
Or visit his band's site at:

Other artists that played that night that I HIGHLY recommend are:
Katie Ro and The Most - (listen to the track "jack and jill")
Matt Dragstrem - (listen to "south of chicago")

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Anonymous said...

why is that a picture of you and not a picture of troy akers?