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Monday, January 14, 2008

2007 Victory Records Tour!

Yes, yes, I know, its 2008.

Featuring- A Day to Remember, June, The Sleeping, and BAYSIDE!

Victory Records brought out their biggest names for the 2007 Victory Records Tour. The success of this tour was inevitable...with the names they had staking the line up, they were bound for sold out shows. While each band is extremely unique in their own right, they have a common crowd, which did great things for show attendance. Their Stone Pony date was sold out! Hell Yes.

A DAY TO REMEMBER- Even though this band was the first on the bill, the sold out venue was packed well before they even hit the stage. Their total young rock vibe allowed for a complete connection and total rock out experience. They have as much fun on stage as the kids do in the crowd. One of the best segments of the night was their cover of Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone." LOVED IT! There's nothing better than seeing a bunch of rockers totally jam out to Kelly.

JUNE- The more light hearted band of the night, they have a bit softer sound then the other acts, however they are not to be messed with- they pack a powerful punch and seemed to be one of the crowd's favorites. June has creative lyrics and extremely complementary instrumentals that create a pleasant rock aura. Before the Stone Pony show I knew little about them, but they had such a catchy sound that by the end of the night I was antsy for my lap top...I needed to MySpace 'em. June is my pick for BreakOut! band of the night.

THE SLEEPING- I'd say they they were the wake up call of the night. With their scream driven sound and high energy performance they left you no opportunity to escape their presence. They whole gig just works. The charismatic vocalist allows for his intense screaming to be chased by supportive instrumentals. Between the battling guitar and bass, its a sound experience for all your senses. An extremely alive performance by The Sleeping.

Bayside. What more can I say? These guys have paid their dues and have been around the block and back. The longevity of their popularity shines as they perform, there's no wonder as to why they have achieved as much success as they have. They bring more than music to the stage, they bring themselves and their passion to each moment they stand in front of you. It was only the second time I have seen them perform, but it left an impact. They are a presence of greatness. Bayside is certainly an awesome live act.

By Amanda who is DIGGIN' the banana chips chillin' in her cubicle....and who took all the pics.


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so much fun to watch.


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