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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Often you find the humanitarianism comes after the profit. Humans, by nature, ensure their own happiness before that of others...

It is a rarity that you find a clothing company that is embarking on the production journey with the primary goal being the humanitarianism. To make the world a better place to have to do your part, and I have been fortunate enough to meet a super cool clothing company that is truly doing their part to make this world we live in a more peaceful, clean place.

I attended the recent NYC date of the VS. Tour featuring Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Haste the Day, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, and Gwen Stacy and being a creature of habit at shows, I always head over to the merch area and see if there’s anything new. One of the tours biggest sponsors is a clothing company based out of San Diego, California called Jedidiah. The first thing you notice about their collection is the uniquely modern and artistic designs. The artistry has a very organic feel, and the incredible passion behind each work of art gracing the shirts displayed is awe-inspiring. The unique nature of each design gives a one-of-a kind feel. On tour you can find the Hope Collection available for sale...incredibly rocker. With each sale a portion of the profit goes directly to help an organization such as Invisible Children, World Vision, The Glue Network, Surfrider, and more. You can also get the official tour tee that will also generate proceeds to help such causes.

Jedidiah sent representative Nick Greenwood and the talented photographer Jonathan Foster on the road with Scary Kids and Haste the Day to help spread the message and generate a supportive following. The guys have been producing video blogs and slide shows showing off the tour. You best go check 'em out.

By Amanda, who will be rockin Jedidiah.


Jimmy said...

jedidiah is a awesome organization, not only do you help out when you buy their clothing but you get to rock some original gear! nick is a awesome rep and a very friendly person, I had a chance to talk to him at the tremont show in NC. Support a great cause!

Anonymous said...

rock it.