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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new.

The end of 2007 brought about the end of two great bands. Spitalfield and The Junior Varsity, both of Illinois and Victory Records, called it quits towards the latter half of the year, each after releasing their best, most mature work to date.

While that does indeed suck, and while I did indeed pout quite a bit (though that might have just been my lips looking enormous on their own), both have brought great new opportunities for members of each band.

Mark Rose, Spitalfield's frontman, is embarking on solo work. "It's gonna be more poppy, more jazzy," Rose told me at their farewell show. "I might do some touring in the spring--I'm not sure if it'll just be me acoustic, or if I'll assemble a trio or something along those lines, but it will happen."

Meanwhile, you can check out The Junior Varsity's Andy Wildrick in his new gig as a member of The Dear Hunter--who released one of the year's best albums, by the by.

To tide you over until they both tour later on in this bright, shiny new year, here are some mediocre-quality videos from Spitalfield's Curtain Call at the School of Rock last month. It was the first time I realized my digital camera had a video recording function, so please bear with the lack of videographic skill--I am but a humble beginner, just like 2008.

"I Loved the Way She Said 'L.A.'" (full song):

"In the Same Lifetime" (encore--full band portion/end):

*By Jessica, who resolved to stop procrastinating last night, but probably won't actually start for another week or so.

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