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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Wildbirds vs. Number One Fan

Everyone (even Rolling Stone) seems to be raving about The Wildbirds and the greatness of the band's music these days.

NEWSFLASH: The Wildbirds are Number One Fan re-incarnated. Why isn't anyone talking about that? Because then it would just make them like every other band trying to sound like Kings of Leon. Funny how bands nowadays are growing their hair really long, trading in the too-tight jeans and jumping on the band wagon.

Number One Fan

The Wildbirds

Frankly, I find The Wildbirds tunes pretty boring. Good, but boring. I wish these Wisconsin natives fought the good fight and kept chugging along with their Pop songs. They were great. I still listen to the Number One Fan debut CD and sing along. But, I prob won't ever give The Wildbirds another listen. Of course, that's bound to happen with any band facing an identity crisis, and I'm sure most hardcore fans cross over.

Here are some blurbs from an announcement on NOF's MySpace page (note how you'll never hear a mention on NOF on The Wildbirds page).

"But as many of you know, when you start a band when you're 15 years old, you're not going to love it forever."

(Agreed. From a marketing standpoint, I under stand of why they might want to totally drop the past. However, it just seems like they are a bit ashamed of it, when really, they should be standing proud.)

"Our last shows were with Green Day, playing in front of 18,000'd think that would be the pinnacle of excitement for us. It turns out, if you don't love what you're doing, it doesn't matter how many people are in front of you. We went back to the basement and to the north woods of wisconsin to dig deep, we took all of the pressures off and just played as we wished.

Unfortunately for some of you, the results were staggeringly different. The music moved us to the ends of the earth, but was came out didnt resemble NOF in the slightest. We knew then that it was the end of Number One Fan, and the beginning of something else.

Jon, Matthew & myself have started something that is the love of our life,
The Wildbirds. (Michael was with us until recently), and our newest darling Hugh has just joined us."

Just felt like I had to share that. These are great guys. We had a birthday party with them, Val Emmich & Punk Rock Mom in the basement of Maxwells a few years ago. They had cool belt buckles.

Best of luck to them and here's so tunes you may enjoy:

*joelle, who just ate peanut butter and jelly for lunch.

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