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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Next Tim McGraw...Without the Fame of Faith Hill.

As I entered the infamous The Stage on Broadway in downtown Nashville, TN, I couldn't help but immediately notice loud music, weak vocals, and an oversized crowd. Was it the beer that attracted the crowd, or was it the faux-hawked, tight jeans wearing singer on stage? I quickly learned many members of the audience were there to see the "talent".

Lewis Copeland moved to Nashville from smalltown Ohio with big city dreams. The story is common here in Music City, but in merely 2 years Copeland was able to book a regular gig twice a week at The Stage. At first listen, it may be shocking that Copeland plays any shows in Music City, but at first look, you know exactly why he's on that stage.

Copeland was made to perform. He works the crowd, shakes his booty for the girls, and cheers a beer with the guys. The audience is drawn to his charisma, boyish good looks, and southern charm. All this combined has made for a Lewis Copeland craze that is quickly catching on...he even came out with his own 2008 calendar.

Copeland's performance is high-energy, but his lack of vocal abilities may be pleasing to a drunk crowd, but I'm certain a sober audience could "boo" him right off the stage. Yet, I can't help but admit any time he makes eye contact with me I melt. He has something that draws people to him, particularly the female population. Girls grab at EVERYTHING while he's on stage, and Copeland loves every minute of it. I must also give his band credit, they are all talented musicians. Specifically, Copeland's lead guitarist, Les Richardson, is a talented vocalist and should be heard more often.

To sum up the Lewis Copeland show: weak vocals, excellent entertainment. If Tim McGraw can make it, Lewis Copeland can as well.

Lewis Copeland performs live every Thursday and Saturday night at The Stage. For more information on Lewis Copeland, visit:

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