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Friday, January 18, 2008

Expand Your Mind: Tune into Animate Objects

I'm gonna throw you all for a loop right now and tell you how much I really dig this indie HIP-HOP band called Animate Objects.

The Chicago-based group's tune, "El Dorado," just won the Independent Music Award for Best Hip-Hop song. The category was judged by Mr. Snoop Dogg himself, so that's a pretty prestigious honor. And before that, Animate Objects ranked Number 2 on the Billboard Adds chart, earning airplay on 100+ stations.

The thing I like about Animate Objects is that the group's music is intellectual, catchy and has a positive purpose. The opening track on their debut album, "Ridding in Fast Cars with your Mama," sets the record straight. These guys are not here to entertain you with the commonly heard Hip-Hop hype of bling, broads, etc. Honestly, if they did, I wouldn't be writing about them.

The layered concoction of Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B, Funk and Jazz Animate Objects mixes up really appeals to me. Like 311 is the grand blenders of the Rock world, I'd say Animate Objects is on it's way to having the same cult following in the urban market.

Now, I'm not going to get all technical on this review because I honestly don't know anything about this genre and I'd just seem dumb. I saw Jurassic 5 in concert once and the last Hip-Hop CD I got was Pete Miser like four years ago. Before that, I played Salt 'N Peppa, Tevin Campbell and SWV in 7th grade. So I'm just gonna say I like this band and you should all check them out! So then maybe then bass player Prashant can drop out of law school. ;) And it's a nice fresh, new way to start off 2008!

* By Joelle, who has been reliving her past by digging out her old Brit-Pop CDs and playing Robbie Williams, Boyzone (ok, they're Irish), 5 (you know "When the Lights Go Out!") and Natalie Imbruglia a whole lot.

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Gina said...

5 are having a comeback tour!
if you didn't already know! hahahaha!
i was more of a 'If you got the feeling' song myself.

Brit pop RULES.