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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Anti-Valentine's video

Valentine's Day is a Hallmark Holiday. Invented for candy, card, flower and jewerly companies to rake in profits from people who feel like they have to prove their love to their significant other.

Real love thrives every day. Between two people privately. I'm in a relationship and we are not going to an expensive dinner tonight, or wasting money on gifts we don't need. We're gonna do what we always do at night- curl up in bed with the dog and watch General Hospital. I'm way more interested in finding out who the "text-message killer" is than I am being seen in public holding someone's hand.

Anyway, today Aimee Allen released her anti-Valentine's video. It's sad to see that Scott and Aimee are no more. But if I've learned anything through life, it's that you have to go through a LOT of pain, heartbreak, tears and drama to get to the person you're meant to be with.

Watch the emotional video below. Her dog is adorable. I think most people are better off with dogs than with a boyfriend or girlfriend. You get unconditional, faithful love and your freedom.....

*by joelle, who wants a to start at farm with rescued dogs

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