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Friday, February 08, 2008

Band to Watch (Literally)- Sink To See

There's a lot going on in the world of Sink to See right now. Not only is the band working with Tim Pagnotta of Sugarcult (a Planet Verge favorite), but they have a song slated to appear in the up-coming feature film, "Forever Strong," and the band's tune, "Speakers," nabbed a spot on MOTO GP 2007 by Capcom. That means it'll be on a Play Station 2 near you soon.

This is deff. one act to keep an eye on. The Los Angeles natives will be performing at SXSW this year, so make sure to add them to you "Must Not Miss" list.

Those in the LA-area can mingle with the music-makers at the Video release party for "Speakers":

Tues Feb 19, 2008
10:00 pm
Age: 15+

The band gave Planet Verge some insight on it's making the video experience:

Shawn Bathe (Bass):

First off (hinting that there would be a "second off" but there isn't), when I entered the set, I was impressed by the amount of crew there ready to work. There must have been 15 or so. The director and DP were on their game and you could tell they had done this stuff before. This definitely wasn't just my old neighbor shooting summer water fights on a 1976 plastic panasonic video camera in the backyard type of event. It was a super pro happening. But that's all boring. I liked the food and the drinks and the girls. We got to dressed up lots and tried on all different types of cool gear. When it was my turn to rock, I suddenly realized I don't really know what rocking is. And that I suck at it and that I'd have to learn real quick.

See, I was never in emo-core nu-metal band. My feet never leave the ground. And my guitar neck never goes behind my head. Call me old fashioned, or just lazy. We busted ass for 12 hours sweating, getting makeup done, throwing our instruments around, sweating, drinking, laughing, cheering on our fans and friends that made appearances in the video, sweating. You'd think it was 90 degrees in this warehouse with all the sweating going on! It wasn't. It was raining and cold that day. But those lights are hot and sweat looks cooler in videos.
Go see for yourself.

Jason Napier (Vocals):

It was actcually a very cool experience. I kind of wasn't sure what to expect, this wasn't the first time we ever made a video, but it was the first time we ever made a video with any kind of budget, so it was pretty cool for us. I remember the weather being so strange that day. It would be sunny, then suddenly huge dark clouds would roll in and then pouring rain. But, they managed to get a few really cool shots of the band on the rooftop of the buiding we were shooting in. It was sunny and raining at the same time for a few short moments, one of those fleeting amazing moments we happened to get on film. All of the kids we had in the video were great, they did a fantastic job of rocking out to "Speakers" and were really cool people, the crew were fantastic and the director Tanya Nea Thayer was amazing. As a band making a video, you have to really trust the director's vision, and we are so amped about what she put together. Her ideas were great and it was very easy working with her. The video to me serves the song well, and we are thankful to have such talented and cool people involved with us, its not always easy to pull off an effective video, and at the end of the day, I think we did.

Dony West (Guitar):

"This was our first real attempt at what would be considered an MTV worthy video. We thought that it would be fun, and something that we could use in our press kit. Then we showed up and saw and entire crew of people, with set lighting/ grip, camera trolleys and green screen! It was definitely our 'Spinal Tap' moment. The only thing that came to mind when I was doing my shots on the green screen? Miming to my own song is 'all those hours of lip syncing to Bon Jovi and Poison for my grandma and her friends finally paid off!!!"

Without Further Adieu, WATCH THE VIDEO:

Also be sure to check out the self-titled debut from Sink to See. Tim Pagnotta did some mixing and production on it, so you know it's catchy as anything. There's alwasy room for straight-up good rock in any record collection.


* By Joelle, who has "Speakers" stuck in her head.

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