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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gwen Stacy's Album out TODAY!

Not only did Ivoryline release their debut album today, a band that I was fortunate enough to meet and see at a couple dates of the VS. Tour, Gwen Stacy, is ALSO releasing an album today titled "The Life I Know." This is a band of truly talented musicians that have given this album everything they are....and more. They have a sound that certainly sticks out from the others in the screamo/alt genre. They greet the often 'too much to take' screamo with a jagged edge of rock and the powerful presence of Christian beliefs. The combination has named them one of my break out artists for 2008. This is an album you should go buy right now.

Check out what these charismatic guys have been up too....

ALSO- if you weren't able to make it out to see them on the VS. tour's stop in your area, no fear. They will be back around again really soon! Head out to one of their stops on the Night of the Living Tour with Inhale Exhale, Here I Come Falling, and A Girl A Gun A Ghost.

Find a date near you-

By Amanda who is stoked to see them again and pissed that the spellcheck isn't working...hey, its still really early!

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