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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Casualties of the Chicago scene

Why don't they all cover "Another One Bites the Dust?"

Chicago rock band June have called it quits after six years of melodic barnburners.

The split was amicable, and the band has implied that economic factors led to the breakup.

"It really does make us sad when we start sitting and reminiscing about all of the incredible shows we've played, the people we've met, the parties and places we went to everywhere in the US... It was all just amazing. However, it also becomes a harsh reality when you really start having to look at your own life and really building to have a successful career," drummer Mark Sutor said in a letter on the band's blog.

"Unfortunately, the music industry, as awesome as it is to be apart [sic] of, is a tough place to really set yourself up for a stable setting in the future," Sutor wrote.

June are the latest Illinois-based Victory Records band to throw in the musical towel, following Spitalfield in December and The Junior Varsity in fall 2007.

Meanwhile, Chicago pop-rock outfit The Elation have bounced back from break up rumors this week.

The band announced that their Feb. 22nd show at Mojoe's Rock House would be their last, but hope now remains.

After a rather acrimonious split of their drummer, bassist, and a guitarist, brothers Spencer (lead vocals and guitar), 19, and Ross (keyboards) Birkner, 18, have vowed to continue their work as one of the most promising outfits on the Chicago scene.

"Theres [sic] no point in talking about what happened. What matters is that this is not the end for The Elation. We are going to continue on making music," the band said in a statement on their MySpace. "There are going to be a lot of changes. The next time any of you see The Elation, it won't be anything like the one you saw before."

While the brothers Birkner continue their search for replacements for their departed partners, their Feb. 22nd show at Mojoe's Rockhouse is tentatively cancelled.

*By Jessica, who is rooting for the Giants because they aren't the Patriots.

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