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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Well, boys and girls, I am so terribly sorry for the nail-biting wait for my second band of the week....but I promise, this one won't let you down!!!


After experiencing the loss of vocalist Craig, BTF was determined not to let their heavy hearts hold them down. The guys finished off the last two weeks of their European tour with bassist Jared doing the screaming and having Eric do a bunch of the singing parts. While they had a lot of fun the reality of missing a bass player set in and they realized that they needed to fill in the sound... While they will be doing the notorious Taste of Chaos Tour without a permanent new vocalist, Jared will be putting down the bass again to compensate and BTF will be bringing along a friend to fill in the missing thumps of the bass. Having already jumped right back into the studio the remaining four members have been hard at work to bring their fans an album to be proud of and hope to have a new lead vocalist to finish off the record by the time Taste of Chaos is wrapping up.

I had the pleasure of talking with drummer Matt earlier last week...check it out!

What has been your biggest inspiration?
Each other really, we push each other to the limits and we push each other to do bigger and better things.

Describe your music in one word.

How has your sound changed since you started the band?
Our sound has changed a lot since we started the band about 3 years ago. We have grown a lot and our musical ability has grown so with our new record I think it's going to be a bit more mature, not in the sense that it's going to be mainstream rock, but we have matured as musicians and allowed for more experimentation with our sound. I think it's going to be a better record.

What can we expect on this new record?
It's going to be just like the last one but better. There will be some ambient melodic stuff but there's also going to be some heavier darker stuff too. It's going to show our growth. This is going to be a better album.

Biggest hurdle you've had to overcome as a band?
I think we're still going through our biggest hurdle. We are looking for a new singer, and we really don't want to rush into anyone, we want the person to fit the sound and feel of this new album, so we're going to hold lots of trials and wait for that person... Taste of Chaos is just going to be the four of us and we're going to bring along a friend to pick up the bass...we're going to work it like how we did the last two weeks in Europe, we're just gonna have a bassist.

What's the funniest thing thats ever happened to you guys?
Everyday is really a funny day- we are nonstop laughing.

---SIDENOTE---Check out the guys video blogs on their myspace, they really are hysterical....

Best show ever?!
ummmmm, I think the Montreal Warped Tour. We won the Energizer contest and got to play ten minutes longer and we got bumped up to main was awesome. A big day for us.

Blessthefall has certainly been through a lot recently, however they seem to have the right idea- a bump in the road can't break your dreams. They haven't been down too much and they are working harder than ever to prove to themselves and their fans that this next album will be kick ass. I am stoked to see them on Taste of Chaos, they have a solid sound and are extremely talented. Watch out for their new album!

By Amanda who is going to be in Bahston this weekend.

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