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Friday, February 15, 2008

Butch Walks Away From Major Label

A great gain has been made in the world of Independent music this week. Butch Walker has crossed the line and joined our team.

Yesterday, the double threat musician/producer officially released his new live album, Leaving The Game on Lucky St. as a two-disk FREE download from his newly launched Web site- aptly titled

In an official announcement sent out earlier, Walker stated "The record business is f---ed, but not for bands. It's the most exciting, positive time for music, as rock n'' roll and indie pop have gone completely back underground. And to see artists be able to release albums whenever they want, for whatever they want, and not have to fear sending in their cover art, only to have the art department airbrush off the singer's mustache (in fear of not selling to a certain demographic or f---ing statistic) is wonderful. Essentially, everything they have or haven't done in the past, I will purposely do the opposite... And probably make my first paycheck."

Epic Records certainly didn't live up to its name during the years it was privileged enough to have Walker on its roster. The label truly had an EPIC talent in its hands. Someone who, if the bigwigs focused on promoting, could've caused such a music frenzy world-wide he'd be the new Elvis. "Letters" is one of the best Pop albums ever written. It combines all the elements: huge hooks, emotional moments and blastable tunes that will become generational anthems. But sadly, there was little press or promotion to the outside world.

Walker quickly quadrupled (at least it seems that way), his fan base once that album was released. MySpace and Internet word of mouth played a big role in it, as did Walker himself. So really, why have a label at all? To suck away money for doing really nothing because it would rather focus on the cheesy flavor of the week act that just like a band on a competitor's roster?

No one can come close to commanding a stage like Walker. His legions of adoring fans around the world already know that. Now that the ball is in HIS court, a lot more should be discovering that, as well. They will also most likely pay the nominal sum of $5.99 to download the higher quality MP3s, and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the soon-to-be-released live DVD.

Another source of eagerness is the upcoming collaborative effort with guitarist Michael Guy Chislett from The Academy Is... and drummer Darren Dodd from the Let's Go Out Tonites, as the band 1969. Get ready America, Butch Walker's time has finally come.

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If you're new to the Butch Walker world, be sure to check out the Planet Verge Tribute to him at:

*By Joelle, who made her entire office Butch Walker mixed CDs for Christmas.

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Theresa said...

Thanks for introducing MRG to Mr. Walker...and for our new mix CD's.

You rock!


PS I never thought I would say this...but God Bless Folk Alliance!