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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spring into the season with a new hair style

I stole this article off because it's informative and Jessica, Jen, Lori and I all go to The Beauty Parlour to get our locks in tip top shape.

Visit the salon at and
and if you're in the area, get your butt in their chairs! Seriously, everyone will complement your hair.

Added bonus-- there's a DJ booth so fear not, the guido stations will NOT be played!

*joelle, who suggests you ask for her man Michael and tip him well because then he can take her out to dinner. ;)

Is your hair all frizzed out this winter? Do you want to know what's new in hair color and styles for Spring? We went right to the experts to get all the answers. Christopher and Maira Padula, co-owners of The Beauty Parlour in Hoboken, NJ, took time out to share these haircare tips and trends with SheKnows readers. Christopher has vast experience working runway shows, including Oscar De La Renta, Yohji Yamamoto, Michael Kors and Diane Von Furstenburg. Maira Padula has extensive and color training from the likes of Wella, Paul Mitchell, L'Oreal, Farouk, and Redken.

Frizzy Hair: The BEST solution is learning how to control frizz is to learn how to give yourself a thorough and proper blow-dry. Hair becomes frizzy when it’s not completely dry at the start. That said ... if your hair is looking dry and frizzy because of the weather (or all that static coming from your favorite cashmere sweater) there are good products to help smooth it down. For a quick fix, use a weightless styling crème like L'oreal Texture Expert "Smooth Essence." This should be every girl’s best friend. While I like this product though, any clean and light product that does not disrupt your style or weigh it down should be sufficient to control fly aways and static. – Chris Padula

Spring Hair Color: This season, it is all about showing off gorgeous hair with a bright and noticeable color. Bold and rich hair is going to be a bigger hit this Spring than natural and subtle colors, so it is a great time to have some fun and try something new and exotic. Nature seldom gives us better rich color than a bottle, so for those looking to experiment with hair color, now is a good time to get started. Complement your new look by letting the color do all the talking. Move away from abrupt heavy styles, a la the Katie Holmes bob, and move toward something a bit lighter, looser ... and more care free. – Maira Padula

Short Hair: The most important thing to do when contemplating a short hairdo is to go to a stylist that you trust completely. There are too many stylists out there do not understand how to do a great, feminine-looking short cut. You should ask questions to find out if the stylist understands bone structure (not everyone can pull of a Mia Farrow) and that that the closer they cut to the hairline, the more "boyish" it will look. We suggest leaving a short cut with something around the edges to play with, flip out, curl under and add some texture.

If it is already too late, you can make your short cut look more feminine by curling it a little with soft curls or waves. If you try to straighten it too much, it will clamp to your head and you look like a politician ... a male one. Just use a little pomade and let the texture do the work. – Chris and Maira Padula

Flirty Waves: After doing hair for fourteen years I realize most woman want to look and feel great, but don't want to let their date think that they went TOO out of your way for him. Here are my suggestions for bouncy, flirty, easy date hair. Avoid the severe "blow it straight and iron it" process and try something new.

Here's how: Invest in some medium sized velcro rollers, some long metal rollers, and a great volumizer (I recommend the Loreal Serie Expert "Volume Extreme" Spray). After you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair as much as possible so you do not dilute the product. Spray a few sections of your crown at the root with the volumizer for body and then just dust the ends with the same product to attain some control.

Then, with a blow dryer, roughly dry your all of your hair, concentrating on the roots. When your hair is about 95-98% dry, put in the rollers. You don't have to get too precise with how you place them ... if you have a good cut, the shape will do the hard work for you. Once the rollers are in place, dry your hair that last little bit while it is on the rollers. It is very important to let your hair cool on the rollers (This is a great time to do your make up!). With minimum fuss, your hair should have some nice bouncy, flirty waves when you take it down. Give it a shake and your ready to go!" – Chris Padula

With more than 14 years of salon experience, Chris Padula has serviced salons in New York City, including Gil Gamlieli, Brad Johns, Prive, Laicalle and Joseph Martin. Furthermore, Christopher has styled magazine write-ups, television preparation and the Mariah Carey "Fantasy" video. Maira Padula is one of the best colorists in the area. Formerly of renowned Mad One Jacks in Hoboken, Maira has more than 10 years of salon coloring experience. If you are in the Hoboken area, make at an appointment at The Beauty Parlour.

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