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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Concert Junkie Reports and Rants

If any of you Los Angeles dwellers are wondering why there's a banner on top of the Capital Record's building that says: "Welcome Home Brian Wilson." Well scratch that head no more. According to a press release on Wilson's website, the former Beach Boy is back with his original label and set to release a new album, "That Lucky Old Sun."

"That Luck Old Sun" will be available on CD, CD/DVD, vinyl, and digitally on Sept. 2. The album is set to be "a love letter to Southern California." The other influence to the piece is the 1949 song "That Luck Old Sun" itself. Wilson sang it in shows last year.

I know some of the people who read this are probably thinking, 'Why the f*** is this person reporting on someone my grandparents dig?' Well Emo lovers, without the glorious harmonies of the Beach Boys, most groups of today will probably have a different sound. You might have heard of this really untalented band called the Beatles(being sarcastic, calm down)? Guess where they got most of their ideas from? No, Pink Floyd wasn't until later. No. Not the Stones. Honestly, if its not on Guitar Hero or Rock Band, you wouldn't know it. If the Beach Boys didn't release the legendary Pet Sounds there would be no Sgt. Pepper's, and if the Beatles didn't release Revolver there would be no Pet Sounds.

Why should you care about this? These are two of the greatest albums of all time. When you listen to them, more than once of course, your eyes will broaden and your mind will expand. No drugs involved, just fantastic music. That's why you should take music appreciation classes, so you can appreciate music, or talk to your ex-hippie neighbor.

By Lori: who realizes after Joelle's, Jess's, and her recent posts, there is no hope for the youth of America to have any great new music in the spotlight because publications and radio stations do a horrible job. Except on 107.1 the Peak and 90.7 WFUV. Plus, I understand Jess's pain about seeing the Tequila chick on the cover of Blender because Rolling Stone featured the cast of the Hills last month. What do they have to do with anything?


joelle said...

well said!

cbro said...

Thanks for the attaboy for the Peak...for new music you might want to check out NEXT. (Hint hint wink wink)

If you want some "modern Beach Boy" sounds check out Fleet Foxes and The Botticellis.