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Monday, May 19, 2008

Two patterns:

Blender tends to put women on their covers. I get it. After all, it's a sister mag to Maxim. But it's also a music magazine, so can someone please, for the life of me, explain why the Hades Tila Tequila is on the cover of the latest issue? I know she has that fauxmantic reality show, I know she released a few songs--but they were all shitty. If a music publication is to be taken seriously, why aren't they exposing serious musicians? There are plenty of beautiful femmes who can actually pen and carry a tune (Alanis, Mariah, even Natasha Bedingfield come to mind). Why waste our time on this lascivious leprechaun character?

When a lip synching performer's vocal track errs, they will do a jig. It wasn't just Ashlee Simpson. A singer in a live band at a wedding I went to this weekend did the same thing to a slightly higher-pitched cover of "No One" by Alicia Keys. Once she messed up her vocals, what did she and, subsequently, another male singer do? They did jigs. Is there a law somewhere requiring this?

*By Jess, who did a lot of nothing today.

1 comment:

joelle said...

ha i didn't even realize she was doing that. roe shoudl get some money refunded! lol