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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Concert Junkie: Sex and the City Review

Friday night, I fulfilled my womanly obligation by seeing the Sex and the City movie. I was never gaga for the show because I was too involved with the Soprano's. However, I do give SATC a lot of credit for revolutionizing the way women are portrayed in television; we've come a long way since the classic 50's sitcoms. When the show was on air, I probably watched a total of 5 episodes, two of them being the finale. This show made it trendy to go to sex shops, mainstream the use of vibrators, have as much sex as Ben Franklin did when he was in France, drink Cosmos or anything in Martini glasses, and make shy women more confident about having sex chats with their girlfriends. I had a feeling the atmosphere in and around the movie theater was going to be interesting.

The Chili's at the Palisades Center was running a $5.99 Cosmopolitan special, though I had to pass. I find Cosmos to taste like ass and if you don't believe me then you've never had a real one; you've only settled for the fake TGIFriday's version. Instead, my friend and I indulged in trendy Margaritas because Tequila is fantastic. After our drinks, it was time to join the herd towards the theater.

Every SATC movie was sold out. An employee had to come into the theater and inform us that people could not save seats because they had to accommodate for 300 people.

I don't know about you, but dressing for the movies is something I don't put a lot of thought into. Give me a cute shirt and jeans and I'm good to go. Why was this night different than all other nights? Since fashion and style was such a key element to SATC, some ladies felt the need to deck out in Euro-trash threads that you would see on the dance floors at the high-scale City clubs. I kid you not. Sorry ladies, but SATC movie is not the one that you would find Mr. Big at. Your best bet is to go to Indiana Jones to pick up some fellas with those garments. But don't count on fan-boys to give you the time of day, unless you want to join their Lan party.

In the midsts of this ultimate girl's night out, surprisingly, there were a handful guys in the theater. Most of them had dates and looked bored out of their minds before the movie started. They were most likely texting their fellow buds with, "Shoot me now" or getting texted "You know how I know you're gay..." There was also a group of guys sitting together in the front row. Not only did they stick out like Waldo, but they clearly looked out of place. My guesses are they either A) lost a bet or B) the three of them wanted to get in touch with their feminine side so they could try to understand women better. They thought what better way to do that then to go see SATC together. However, I'm going to guess A.

The previews were for every romantic comedy that is set to release this summer. No joke. People were singing along to the Mama Mia preview. Ugh. If there is anything I don't like its ABBA. Why is there a musical and musical movie for a band that destroyed rock 'n roll during their hayday? There is also going to be a Notebook-esque movie coming out. I'm warning you now, get the Kleenex ready!

Without further ado, the two hour and fifteen minute movie began. I was thrown off by the choice of intro-music. They didn't use the theme song. Though it does make a slight appearance during the movie. I don't want to give any of the plot away because there are surprises and twists. I will lend you this piece of advice, overall, I found SATC to be better than the actual show. I highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, was not a huge fan of the show. It really does continue from where it leaves off. It gives a Dummies/Idiot-guide description in the beginning for those who have never, ever seen or heard of the show. If you want a fun girls night out, this is the ultimate movie for just that. 4/5 Cosmos :).

By Lori: who actually wore pink for this occasion.


Planet Verge magazine said...

I was never really a fan of the show, because I didn't think it really revolutionized the portrayal of women at all. Yeah, it made it a little more acceptable in society for broads to want to get laid, but at the end of the day it made it seem like our main sources of happiness were shoes and men with wallets fat enough to buy us a lot of them.

- jess

Planet Verge magazine said...

Granted yes, the ladies did enjoy the bedroom. After all the show does have sex in the title, what do you expect? Don't get me wrong, I'm not as much as a fan as you probably are of the show. How it revolutionized T.V. was because of 2 things. 1) All 4 of the main female characters were successful in their fields and were not homemakers. 2) The ladies were the stars of the show and not a supporting role under (no pun intended) a man. You can probably say the same with Desperate Housewives, but that came either during or after SATC (never watched it).

Anonymous said...

I never really watched the show except for some late night repeats. But, I do like how it says it's ok for women to go use guys for sex, just like they use us.

Anonymous said...

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