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Friday, May 02, 2008

The Rockstar Life Ain't So Glamorous!

A few months ago I claimed I was going to start a weekly tour update. However, that obviously has yet to happen. Instead I am committing to do a monthly update. That's a bit more realistic with my insane schedule.

As some of you may or may not know, I'm engaged to singer/songwriter Chris Nathan:

I've learned over the last year that the most difficult job is being the girlfriend/wife of a musician, particularly the lead singer. They get all the attention, have all the band mates seeking them for leadership (and a paycheck), and have the most "groupies".

With the bad, comes plenty of good. And in my case, I have my soul there's much more good than bad. Chris, my fiancee, treats me like a queen. There's nothing I can't do with him by my side.

We returned to Nashville a few weeks ago after being on tour nearly 2 months. This was the not-so-glamorous type of tour. Me, 4 boys, and our adorable photographer, Leah Falkowski, all crammed in an '87 old church van (aka "The Cream Machine"). We went from North Carolina-to-New York-to-Ohio-to-Alabama-to-Tennessee. Sometimes we'd stay in a beautiful hotel with a priceless view of downtown and a bed that was fit for a king, other nights we'd sleep in the very crammed van, or we'd be in the middle of nowhere and we'd stay in the only hotel in the small town, in which I was praying there weren't bugs in the beds! No matter how rough the tour got, or how much the other band members despised me being on the road with them (after all, I'm just the fiancee...why am I on tour with them?...why should they or any of the fans show me respect?), I wouldn't change a thing. There were those dramatic moments where the band members argued about me being on tour with them and showed me little-to-no respect, but we pressed on and worked through things...just like any dysfunctional family would. It was all worth the trials, because now we are back in Nashville, Chris is getting the industry attention his talent and voice deserve, and I'm still right by his side. He knows no matter how hard it gets, I'll be right there. When he fails, I fail. When he succeeds, so do I.

I've grown tremendously, and after being crammed in a van for 2 months, I've become much closer to my fiancee. He knows what I look like when my hair's a mess and I have no make-up on, and he still tells me I'm beautiful ;) There were moments where I had to get ready in the van before a show and well...this was the result:

Big things are happening for Chris' career and I'm thrilled to be a part of it! Chris is playing an acoustic solo show for a charity tomorrow, I'll update y'all and let you know how it goes, as well as other exciting news!

Also, Chris' music is starting to get radio play beginning May 13. I'll let y'all know what stations in your city to listen for him and request him!

**By Christina - the rock star wifey!

1 comment:

Leah Falkowski said...

i l-o-v-e you & chris.

it ain't so glamorous, but we still can look the part! ;) (even when it includes straightening our hair in the van outside the venue...)