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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Perfect Match: Heavy Metal Meets Ballet

This is really rad. Yeah, that's right, I said rad.

Tonight I saw a preview of Memento Mori by Ballet Deviare. This show is truly one of a kind. When I was invited to see this ballet set to heavy metal music, there was no part of me that was shocked at the pairing. Instead I thought, "of course!" Why wouldn't the two go hand in hand? Both are powerful, energetic, and intense.

The preview did not disappoint my high expectations. The numbers were filled with passion - by both the dancers and the live band, Gwynbleidd. Both the musicians and dancers had time to shine with long, dark musical interludes between the cutting-edge choreography.

Memento Mori is Latin for "remember your death." The show's program poses the question, "Without an understanding of our temporality, how can we live each day to the fullest?"

I recommend getting lost in the entrancing momentum of Memento Mori. Sit back and enjoy, you're about to experience something uniquely special.

Check them out this weekend at Baruch Performing Arts Center or visit their site and friend them on your social networking site of choice (really, they're on MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, E-Harmony... ok, lying about E-Harmony...)


joelle said...

i wanna go

JR said...

If you know any students you can get $25 tickets!