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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Really, what is there left to say about them? They are a break out band from Boston, MA and they bring out the 12 year old girl in everyone.

I was fortunate enough to go to one of their sold out shows in NYC right before Thanksgiving. I will be completely honest, I had some seriously reservations about the whole thing. I had no idea what their live deal was going to be. While I had attended many a Warped Tour date this past summer, I was never able to catch them perform.

Starting at about 2 in the afternoon the sidewalk outside the Fillmore became the dwelling for screaming fans (most of which wearing Boys Like Girls...or All Time Low tee shirts). I will give them this, they have some of the most dedicated fans I have ever seen.

Boys Like Girls hit the stage, and it was a buffet a day early...well, a buffet of hormones that is. The band opened up with their latest hit single entitled Hero/Heroine, and right away I could feel the energy pulsing from everywhere. Song after song the energy level remained the same. Before the show I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but by the second or third song I was totally into it (kinda unexpectedly). Each song was belted back by the audience (always a good sign), crowd favorites were Thunder, Hero/Heroine, Dance Hall Drug and of course their SMASH hit The Great Escape.

They have a presence that just makes you melt. Boys Like Girls has a stage presence that is undeniable. There performance was certainly consumable for all ages and most definitely provided that "best night of my life" line for the majority of their fans. If and when they come around again, I would certainly like to see them again. They are a light hearted performance that will put a smile on music lovers face.

BY Amanda who is going to Boston on Friday.

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