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Monday, December 10, 2007

To elaborate on Joelle's last post:

I find it unfortunate that because most of the Planet Verge staff were born with two X chromosomes that we're being subjected to misogynist accusations. Has "groupie behavior" occurred? Who knows? The private lives of our staffers are just that--private. While I doubt our writers would compromise their journalistic integrity to bag a (rather subjectively) "goodlooking male musician," whatever anyone does in their romantic life is their own business.

I find it unfortunate that critics have overlooked the fact that we've actually satirized "groupie behavior" innumerable times, and most of our loyal readers can both understand and attest to this.

I find it unfortunate that glass ceilings exist, but I also find it unfortunate that they are being replaced with metaphorical Lexan in light of the sexism we've been subjected to recently. I find it unfortunate and hypocritical that we are being criticized for expanding our readership, whereas had a music magazine--which, I should note, is a soft news outlet, seeing as anything entertainment relative is soft news--run predominantly by men pledged allegiance to a pin-up girl site, no one would have given it a second thought.

I find it unfortunate that as women and that as a respected media establishment that we still have to prove ourselves to people who can't look past our racks and birthin' hips.

I do, however, find it fortunate that people care enough to talk smack about us. The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference. So as far as I'm concerned, keep bringing on the obsession. We love you long time.

*By Jess, who welcomed this break from studying for finals.

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you make me smile so hard (butch once said that to me and now i'm passing that on to you) also-- you should post that Rutgers letter because it kicks ass