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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Dance Gavin Dance! is one of the rising talents in the alternative rock world, however with recent hardships there has been speculation as to whether or not the band will be able to bounce back... Step aside, there's only room for believers. DGD is feeling stronger and more ready to conquer the music world than ever. Here's a look into the REAL world of Dance Gavin Dance! with Jonathan Mess (vocals) and Eric Lodge (bass)...

This is one of those annoying questions that you have probably
heard a thousand times, but how did you guys come up with your name?

not too sure. its just one of those names we came up with that made no is pretty random and doesn't lead to anything. we had to
play our first show and Dance Gavin Dance was all we had at the time. We
planned to change it following our first couple local shows, but never
got around to it. I guess it just stuck

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard

This is one of those questions that usually however you answer it someone will say no you don't sound like that or that's not the right genre. So we usually try to say we are a heavier rock band. We get called screamo and post-hardcore a lot though.

How has your sound evolved since you put out your first EP in

I think we figured how our band was going to work, for the most part, going into writing downtown battle mountain. With the EP things were taken a lot less seriously, we weren't signed and the songs were less the whole band and less planned. The full length is a lot more technical and a lot more time was spent on it.

Describe your new album (Downtown Battle Mountain) in one word.
Either dazed or confused

In DGD's history, what was the best show you have ever played?
I guess our best shows have been the ones where crazy things happen. In San Antonio we were all mad at each other and I guess the crowd could tell, we were acting really weird on stage and trashed the drum set and got in a huge argument and threw things at each other. Another time we got shut down on stage in the middle of our set cause we were playing at a church venue and i guess our cd has cussing in it
apparently, haha. Then they wouldn't pay any of the bands and there was a huge scene and the bands and crowd were yelling at all the venue employees.

What was the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on tour?
Our ex singer Jonny didn't show up to the beginning of our set at saints and sinners in front of a good 2000 people or so. We played our intro and part of our first song without him until he randomly showed up on stage, pretty awkward.

What is your favorite song to perform?
Surprise! I'm from cuba, everyone has one brain.

What are your biggest influences?
I'm gonna go ahead and not really answer this question. We are writing a
new record and all we have been listening to right now is rap, but the new songs don't really sound hip hop influenced, we have an unhealthy obsession with lil wayne right now. There hasn't been anything that has come out lately that any of us have gotten into. So i guess the new record will be completely sub consciously influenced.

What are your 'tour essentials'?
We all generally have a nintento DS, an Ipod, some vitamins, favorite hoodie and jeans, and a book or two. Food wise, costco size bags of trail mix or cereal is all you can store at a time cause we are really messy and if you keep too much food in the van it gets crushed by some blind stoner.

Do you enjoy playing festivals and big tours (like a Warped Tour
type situation) or small venues better?

They both have good points to them. With small venues you get to go into the crowd and its more intimate for you and the audience, and a lot of the time you get way more into the performance. With the big tours and festivals you are farther from the crowd cause of the barricade, so that sucks, but being in front of so many people usually makes up for that, also the bigger clubs usually have really good sound which is nice as well.

With the recent loss of Jonny, you guys really seem to be ready
to move forward in a positive direction, how are you guys doing??

We are doing better than ever, we are making a lot of headway on the new album, we have started recording demo tracks, and our singer search is almost done. We will probably have/announce our new singer in the next few weeks. We are also really excited about how the new music is turning out as well. We will also be touring during the beginning of next year and then finishing the new album and recording it.

Where do you see your band in the few years?
Hopefully still writing, recording, and touring like we have been, and most of all still enjoying it.

What do you think is the hardest thing about being a band?
Well first you have to love what you do because you have to be okay with the fact that making money should and never will be a priority or necessarily happen. Also your band is like a family, its can also be like having 4 or 5 other girlfriends, and being in close proximity with those people at all times can be rough, so keeping everything in order is a priority

What have you all learned about yourselves personally since you
have formed this band and been touring and experiencing such success?

We have all become much more laid back and relaxed. We've developed such a high level of tolerance that really nothing affects us. We're not emotionless, just down for whatever.

Final words... Go for it.
Our new record comes out next year.. we feel like its the purest thing we've ever done and are all really excited on it. thanks to our fans and everyone for sticking with us. we wont disappoint.

By Amanda who wishes only the BEST for these guys...


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