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Monday, December 10, 2007

Just to clear up the air...

I recently got an email from someone who accused Planet Verge of "selling out," having created the company "so girls could engage in groupie behavior behind a mask of journalism," and "slant towards male good looking musicians."

So I'd like to openly publish the letter I wrote that person back, just in case those horrid thought are floating across any other minds.

To preface, I'd like to state that I began Planet Verge because it was my dream to run my own magazine (NOT SLEEP WITH ROCK STARS-THAT WOULD DISCREDIT EVERYTHING) and write about anything I wanted. In the process, I spent THOUSANDS of dollars to make this happen. I couldn't work a full-time job because I needed the time to pretty much be a one-women show with layout, editing, etc in the first few years. I survived on menial funds from part-time jobs and now have a pretty nice debt. But I'm not complaining because I went for my dream. I made it happen and I have had the most amazing experiences.

So now as Planet Verge thrives into the digital word, and will continue to expand our readership via producing content for the soon-to-be-launched pin-up site, URBAN BOMBSHELLS, I'll leave you with this:


Thanks for your opinion. I'm sorry you feel that way, but anyone who looks into our background can see that we are all established professionals who come together to promote music we like.

We have received acclaim for our efforts as a result of our hard work. Planet Verge was featured in Teen People magazine & on The Style Network's "The Look For Less. Our writers freelance for Alternative Press, Amp, Outburn and other music publications, host red carpet events in LA, do marketing for NIKE, and are journalism majors/graduates, etc.

The fact that we are an all female-staff with a fashion sense obviously will draw the groupie problem, but nobody is posting blogs that can back up your claim.

We write about bands we like and judge them based on their music, NOT their looks. You will also see we strongly support FEMALE artists- Jennifer Arroyo from Suicide City was on a past cover, as were Halo Friendlies when we first began printing. We recently features Aimee Allen on the blog and have 2 more female artist articles in the works. (PS-- we also often spotlight successful females in the industry, like Carrie Hughes, Music Supervisor at MTV).

Personally, I like pin-up girls and am proud to be involved with a company like Urban Bombshells that has a similar appreciation for beautiful women outside the Hollywood image of perfection.

I have received many fan letters from girls saying I empowered them to go into the journalism field or start their own music sites. That tells me I'm doing something right.

Stop paying attention if it bothers you so much.

*Joelle, who would like to thank Bebe Buell (ironic?) for giving her a talk about never being discouraged to be a woman in the music industry, has been Nominated for Top Journalist in Support of Live Music at the 2005 Asbury Park Music Awards. Recipient of Cambridge Who's Who Among Business Owners and Professionals 2006. See more here:

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