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Monday, December 17, 2007

Give an Animal a Home this Holiday Season

Feeling lonely? Want someone to go on long walks with? Or just cuddle and watch TV next to? Then consider rescuing a dog or cat and give them a new home just in time for holiday pictures. is a fantastic resource for finding animals in shelters across the USA. There's lots of beautiful mixed breeds (which I prefer-both my dogs are healthy, beautiful mixed breeds). And most of all, you'll be giving them a new leash on life.

No need to spend thousands of dollars on a purebred- it doesn't make them any better. My purebred Old English Sheepdog and Golden Retriever both got ill at only 7 years old and sadly had to be put to sleep.

I went to my town's animal shelter this Saturday, fell in love with a little girl named Hazel and went back with my fiance on Sunday to convince him we should take her home. Unfortunately, we're both super allergic to her short hair. But I really wanted to rescue her because she has an incredible survivor story.

Hazel was found on the streets bloody and with deep bite wounds. But despite everything she went through, all she wants to do is give kisses and love you.

Playing with Hazel was my first experience really interacting with a Pit Bull. You hear all the horror stories, and yes many are mean but it's because they are TRAINED to be that way by stupid people. The first thing she did was greet me with kisses (and never stopped) and a waggly tail. She never growled, tried to bite me or do anything else these poor dogs are accused of doing.

In fact, Cocker Spaniels and Chihuahuas are more aggressive by breed then Pit Bulls. Pits have the same aggression level as everyone's favorite family pet, the Golden Retriever.

With that said, meet Hazel and contact the shelter if you can take her home! She's about 8 months old and 45 pounds (but it's all muscle- she's super small)!

One of St. Francis' angels scooped this injured girl up and flew her to the animals shelter for care. With bite wounds and skinny body, Hazel (named after her angel's grandmother) has since healed and gained weight. Despite her previous ordeal, she has not let her past get to her. She is a very loving girl who longs for a sofa or bed of her own to curl up in while her human companions relax nearby. Playful, energetic, and quite a love (expect many many kisses!), Hazel is ready for her new, better life to start, so stop on by and become her new angel.

John A. Bukowski Shelter for Animals
Bloomfield, NJ

Who can not love this face?!

By Joelle, who really wants to find Hazel a home!

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