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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Greatest Surprise of 2007

I can't say it enough-- Silverchair's Diorama is one of the most underrated albums EVER. Practically every song on it should have been a Number 1 radio hit in America.

It appears the band feels that way, too. For perhaps the first time in musical history, a band is promoting a single that was released four years ago. While Silverchair has had smashing success with Young Modern , the band has just announced it will be releasing an iTunes exclusive EP of Diorama-hit "The Greatest View."

When the song was originally released, Planet Verge was printing our second issue. If you recall, we featured the lyric "I'm watching you watching me and I've got the greatest view from here..." on our cover.

Not to put down the songs on Young Modern, because they are phenomenal and on an artistic level very few musicians can ever get to- but I do think "The Greatest View" is better for radio, or at least digital promotions. Now that Silverchair finally have the proper marketing behind them (there was virtually no promotion of Diorama over here), this move makes sense.

Silverchair drummer, Ben Gilles, told Planet Verge that the song closest to his heart is "World Upon Your Shoulders," which is also a Diorama track.

But, he had the most fun recording during one particular Young Modern song.

"'Those Thieving Birds Part 1', 'Strange Behavior,' 'Those Thieving Birds Part 2'. Possibly the most challenging Silverchair song to date (it’s a three part song), but still lots of fun to record. Many hours of work and some tense moments, but very rewarding when you hear it back," Gilles told PV.

Here's the lowdown on the upcoming release:


December 14, 2007 - Silverchair will release the iTunes exclusive EP on Tuesday, December 18 entitled The Greatest View EP. The six track collection features the current single "The Greatest View" which was originally on Silverchair's 2003 release Diorama and will be stripped onto 2008 editions of Young Modern plus a remix of "Straight Lines" by The Presets, Two previously unreleased Young Modern B-Sides and two videos. Full track listing is below.

1. The Greatest View (Originally from "Diorama")
2. Straight Lines {The Presets Remix}
3. We're Not Lonely...BUT We Miss You (B-Side)
4. Barbarella (B-Side)
5. If You Keep Losing Sleep (VIDEO)
6. The Greatest View - Live From Carriageworks, Sydney (VIDEO)

Expect to see the band back in the U.S. in early 2008.

A little known fact is that Silverchair lead singer/guitar player and The Presets leader Julian Hamilton are great friends thanks to their Australian roots and similar musical interests. Julian actually co-wrote the smash hit "Straight Lines" along with three other tracks off Young Modern and has been a touring member of Silverchair when he has the time. Julian and Kim from the Presets were also touring members of the Dissociatives - Daniel's 'other band' with Paul Mac. Closing the circle, Daniel contributed guitar work for past Presets records as well as helping write some tunes with them so it's a family affair. The Presets have a new album set for early '08 release.

*by joelle, who just discussed the top 5 releases of 2007 with her co-workers. Turns out 4 out of 8 picked Young Modern among them!

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