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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Christina's Venting Blog #1: The Cliche of Nashville.

Nashville is full of them. You can feel it in the air, hear it in their voices, see it in the faces of the strangers passing by in Hillsboro Village. They're EVERYWHERE! What are they?...the oh-so-cliche male singer/songwriters.

They seem to start in college. Their stories are all the same: "I liked a girl in college (or couldn't get a girl in college), and so I decided to pick up a guitar and try writing/ was all to get girls." Now, my question is, what happened to pure passion for music and art?

Don't get me wrong, not every male singer/songwriter here in Nashville lacks passion and creativity. This IS music city, and there are plenty of incredible artists here. But for now let me vent on those that drive me insane...and not the good kind of insane.

If you enjoy cliche, unoriginal, pop music that has gotten far too much hype in Nashville then I suggest you check out these singer/songwriters:
Matt Wertz -
Andy Davis -
Rob Blackledge -
Justin Kyle Hasty -

Given all the awful descriptions I just gave to these artists, I will admit that 3 out of 4 of them I have or still do listen to and enjoy the tunes...despite me cringing at the thought of how they've merely re-written John Mayer.

Some not-so-cliche singer/songwriters that I enjoy in town include:
Josh Johnson - (song to listen to: "Try")
Dave Barnes - (song to listen to: "Stay Away")
Chad Harris - (song to listen to: "Ghosts of You" "Could You Please")
Tofer Brown - (song to listen to: "Candy Hearts")

Ah! I feel better now that I've finally been able to vent. I also included some good with the bad...I'm not an awful person, I'm still a nice girl :)

~Christina V.~


Planet Verge said...

In NJ we've got all the My Chem wannabes. But I do have to check out Matt Werst cause a friend of mine also raves about him all the time.


Anonymous said...

number one, dave barnes and matt wertz might as well be the same fucking person, so to put them on two seperate lists only shows that you have no knowledge of their music whatsoever.
second, you're an idiot - "some artists here are completely lame and totally cliche - here is a list of them - oh but i still listen to and enjoy their music" - uhh, okay? i'm not even going to go there.
you contradicted yourself so many times in such a short, unoriginal, "let-me-try-to-use-some-big-words-so-i'll-sound-smarter" sort of way.
considering you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, i would probably stick to writing about stuff you DO know of.. like, boob jobs, and, like, shopping, like, spray tans and like, omg!!! stuff like that!! lolzz!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm sensing someone is jealous by the fact that christina is a hell of a lot hotter than "miss anonymous." but hey, you seem to keep reading what she she's doing her job.