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Friday, October 26, 2007

Mailbag "Reviews"

This is where I actually tell you my thoughts on music that is sent to us before I give it away or throw it in the garbage.

- The Autumn Offering, Fear Will Cast No Shadow: First thoughts? It's not so bad. I actually let it play through several songs and I think I'll put it on again. Why? Because it sounds like Bullet For My Valentine. But then again, why not just listen to Bullet For My Valentine?

Arist and Ruin,The Final Dawn: This lasted all of 5 seconds and I didn't even switch to another track. There is no need for another bad screaming band in my world, sorry. What's up with all the new Victory releases having such dark covers?

So They Say, Life in Surveillance: Well, the first few tracks skipped and wouldn't play. So I put on track 5 and it's OK. Sounds like everyone else with a twist of Maynard. And one of the dudes in the band looks like Dave Grohl. I'll give this one away.

Between the Buried and Me, Colors: I didn't even read the band name on the cover, but I had high hopes from the band as soon as I flipped open the case. The picture of the vocalist singing is awesome. Very Lostprophetish inside. I'm on track one now and thank God some madness came in because the first few moments of the song were beging to bore me! I'm really into the musicianship here and I'm only on track 2.Yay for me giving a positive review to a Victory band. It's been a while. Ok on to someone else, as I'll deff be back to this album.

She Wants Revenge, This Is Forever: I totally only took interest in this band because Michael Patterson produced it and he's a judge for The Independent Music Awards this year. I love it! Very goth. I think my fiance will even listen to this one. My only complaint is that there's not that much of a change-up between songs. Very static, but it's "easy" listening. Check these guys out for sure.

Edition, Demos: Speaking of the Independent Music Awards, there was one band I loved, loved, loved while checking out the submissions and it was these guys and not just because they're British and have a Clockwork Orange vibe. They hooks are so addictive and I had "Liberated" in my head for days. They've got style, they've got class, and they'll have you shakin' your ass. I wish they had more than three songs recorded.

Blowsight, Destination Terrorville: I friggin' love these guys and gal! This is one of the ONLY bands I've seen live BEFORE being a fan. What's the chance I'd see these Sweedish metalers playing at Maxwells in Hoboken? I hope they'll be back soon because I miss them! I'm very picky about what heavy music I like and I'd deff. recommend this band to all those who salute headbanging. (Wait, I already do that!) The vocals are intoxicating and the music has a real melodic comfort. Maybe even more than I expected. And don't be fooled by appearances, they are some of the nicest people I've ever met and even do a great cover of Ms. Brittany Spears.

Moros Eros, Jealous Me Was Killed By Curiosity: Who are these guys? I never heard of them and it appears they are on Victory. Hmm, I think Jess or Jen will like this band better than me. But I do like the German Shepard on the inside of the album cover. Props, guys. Props. Ok track 2 may get you dancin'! Now I'm taking it off. They sound too much like someone else I don't know because I don't like and shut it o-f-f.

Shane Neville: Um, this is some weird tribal shit right here. The bio says that he is a sound engineer. Well, I'd deff say he has his act together and if you like spacey instrumental, extremely artistic music, go for the gold and get your hands on this.

Ok so what did we all learn from this? Pop quiz next time

Joelle, who is anxiously awaiting the next episode of Salt 'N Peppa's reality show 'cause they were her fav. in 7th grade (and also sad because today is the birthday of her Golden Retriever, Dusty, who died 4 years ago).

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