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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Scariest Kids of All....

“We’ve been waiting for this one day all our lives, this is nothing short of predictable…stop holding your head down…” -sksk

On the oh-so-gorgeous August 28th 2007 Philadelphia’s The Fillmore (at Theatre of Living Arts) was taken by storm as Scary Kids Scaring Kids released their sophomore album. This time around the guys took Boys Night Out, Pierce the Veil, and Damiera on tour with them. The show was very well attended by loving fans stoked out of their minds to get their hands on the new CD. Before the show even started people were pouring in and flocking to the merch table to snag a copy of the self entitled album. You could feel the excitement emanating from everyone, with SKSK you can expect great things, the only question is how great will it be?

Both Damiera and Pierce the Veil were shocking talents, I had never seen them before this show and was taken happily by surprise when both bands hit the stage. Damiera (Equal Vision Records) had an established refined rock style that no one could turn away from. Pierce the Veil bellowed throughout the theater with a hard punching more screamo sound that was produced by a unique vocal that caught the ear of just about everyone, they are undeniably talented. Boys Night Out is also a band that I was formerly not extraordinarily familiar with, however, I am now, and I’m a big fan. They hold back nothing, every moment they are up on stage they are making the most of it, interacting with the crowd, jumping around, etc, etc. Their electrifying sound prompted me to buy their album. All the supporting acts at this show are bands that I would go see again in an instant.

“This is our fight for freedom, this is our way of saying…THIS IS OUR DAY…” -sksk

Scary Kids, Scaring Kids. What more can I say…really? They have out done themselves ten times over with this new album. For me, I found this album to be monumental. The obvious maturing and dedication and time and love that went into this album pours out every second that its playing. Their live performance is second to none. They exude energy and pride for their work and appreciation for success in their craft.

At first listen I was hard pressed to find words for those who have yet to listen to it…How can you describe the indescribable? After I listened to it again I was again, left in awe. Their opening “Prelude” leads gently into “Degenerates” which is filled with empowering lyrics with an ultra catchy chorus that left me believing that this may be the new underground alternative rock anthem. Their released single “Faces” is a fun song that basically summarizes the journey of this album, they are finally exposing who and what they are, take it or leave it. There is a song towards the tail end of the ride entitled “Goes Without Saying” which is a complete rhythmic departure from the other sounds and dynamics that reside on this album, but it fits, and it is incredibly well written and very catchy. Another song, called “Free Again” is also really catchy and is empowered by various melodic entities and messages. I like it! I really can not talk about EVERY song on the album…I don't want to spoil it!

This album has rougher rock sounds and then what I believe are more of ballads, the guys have put together a well rounded grade A album that everyone should give a listen to. They have taken their completely organic talent and their deeply rooted passion for their music to an all new playing field, and they are adapting to the new field well. Mixing together hard hitting raw sound and organic emotionally thrashing lyrics, and what’s the product? You get an insanely well produced, bombastic, in your face dose of what REAL alternative rock is supposed to sound like.

As amazing as their album is, their live show on the day of their album release...I can not find words. Scary Kids Scaring Kids is a punk rock alt band that I feel strongly everyone should see before they call it a day.

*By Amanda who is listening to SKSK right NOW.

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