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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tip Du Jour - Act Like You're Insane

Maybe my tip du jour should be the meaning of "du jour" which is "of the day." Clearly, I have an issue hitting these up every day. But, I try... somedays you'll get your tip, other days... re-read.


Ever walking down a shady street at night and you feel eerily alone and vulnerable? Or maybe you're not alone and sir creepster is checking you out, perhaps about to pounce?

Scary stuff.

What not to do: show fear. What's fear? Looking around wildly, stopping, looking over your shoulder too many times.

What to do: be aware of your surroundings, walk fast, but don't run. Show no fear.

Show no fear? Easiest way to do this - act like you're just a little bit crazy.

Sir creepster is much less likely to bother the fast-walking chica who is bobbing her head up and down happily while mouthing the words to her favorite boy band's latest single. Maybe she's even singing every other word out loud. Perhaps she's sticking her tongue out or making an odd face every four words.

Seems like she's a tad insane, huh? No one wants to crunch that cracker... and, you're safe!

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Planet Verge said...

haha that is great. i wanna see you do it!