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Friday, October 05, 2007

Youths Yearn for Yellowcard (how's THAT for alliteration?)

At G-Rocktoberfest, there were multitudes of multi-genre rock being performed, each with their own distinct demographic.

Ozma's audience was the smallest, only because they were the first band to perform and most of the audience hadn't arrived yet.

Shiny Toy Guns appeased the appetites of those craving electrodance beats and Depeche Mode covers. It seemed they suffered from "Everyone Knows and Loves 'Le Disko' But No One Knows It's Us" syndrome.

Blue October performed last to a mostly adult crowd, which was strange when one considers how much eyeliner frontman Justin Furstenfeld applies, probably to appeal to the youngin's, ala Pete Wentz or Billie Joe Armstrong. The applause they got (and rightfully deserved) came from hands wrapped by wristbands, signifying they were all 21 and up.

The biggest, most boisterous crowd reaction was, by far, for third act, Yellowcard. Between the poppy hooks, flashing lights both onstage and in the crowd full of teens and tweens with cellphone cameras, I felt like I was watching one of those crazy anime cartoons that gives little kids seizures--but in a good way.

It was clear Yellowcard knew what kind of crowd they were dealing with--kids have short attention spans. They kept their energy up and gave a killer live performance of a conglomerate of old and new material, from Ocean Avenue to Lights and Sounds to their newest, most mature effort, Paper Walls.

Their maturity is what made them ideal for such a diverse lineup of bands. While Ryan Key sings about adult issues, the band plays melodies and beats you can pogo to easily. The combination earned ovations and cheers from both X-ed and wristbanded hands, and will likely continue to do so until they retire.

*By Jessica, who is addicted to caramel apple cider and needs a nap

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