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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Must Hear Music

My co-workers and I have been getting pretty bored listening to Krock 2 streaming while in the office. I'll admit that it's better than KRock radio in NYC and while you'll never hear Green Day or The Offspring ten times a day, you will get a lot of indie repeats and there's only so much Coconut Records some people can take. So we've been surfing the Internet radio waves via and have been hanging ten in the UK.

Our fave. find so far? Virgin Radio. Yea, you can't escape the Maroon 5, but the Brit bands are refreshing and the DJs accents, oh so fine.

Here are some of my favorite discoveries:

The Hoosiers, "Goodbye Mr. A":
London lads with feel good indie Pop tunes that stick in your head like peanut butter to jelly. They're on RCA so maybe they'll be touring the US one day, if they haven't already.

Scouting for Girls, "She's So Lovely": An Epic signing from London. Hmm, I'm beginning to think the major labels oversees are way cooler than the A&R scouts in the US. I actually Googled the lyrics to this song to find out who sang it, that's how good it is. And they got signed on Valentines Day of last year. How cute is that?

The Kooks, "She Moves in Her Own Way":
Ok so I discovered this band before I heard it on Capitol Radio. I love the video. I love the accents. I love the song. They're on Virgin. There you have it. The major labels in the UK rock, the US A&R are too afraid of loosing their jobs to take risks and make radio a better place, and that's why I quit my A&R gig.

Go listen. Now.

Joelle, who has six minutes until General Hospital comes on! Yay.

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