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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Edge Day!

I've been straight-edge all 26 years of my life and have never heard of National Edge Day, but apparently it's today:

National Edge Day is an unofficial holiday recognized by members of the straight edge subculture on October 17. The first annual National Edge Day was celebrated on October 17, 1999 at the final Ten Yard Fight concert at the nightclub Karma in Boston, Massachusetts. The concert also featured the bands Bane, In My Eyes, Fastbreak, Reach The Sky and Floorpunch. This show marked the end of the 1990s youth crew revival. The early 2000s brought a new wave of hardcore bands, with a reduced emphasis on straight edge.

The holiday was publicly recognized for the second time when In My Eyes played their final concert in Haverhill, Massachusetts on October 15, 2000. On that day, Bridge 9 Records released a VHS cassette telling the story of Ten Yard Fight, with a major focus on their final concert. The bill for Edge Day 2k included Bane, Shark Attack, Killing Flame, Mouthpiece and Ten Yard Fight. As well porcell came out and sang the Project X anthem of Straight edge revenge

Since then, National Edge Day has been celebrated in certain cities, such as Boston.

In 2006, Edge Day was marked with the CD release show at the Cambridge Elks Lodge in Cambridge, MA by Righteous Jams and the last show ever of Think I Care. Other bands that played included Cold World, Colin Of Arabia, Justice, Rampage, Risky Business, and (first show ever) Step Forward.

*Joelle, who got a sXe tattoo on her forearm for her 25th birthday.

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